Bellor declares her commitment to residents

One happy note regarding the “presidential debate” on the evening of Sept. 12 is that George Washington did not have an Apple Look-Ahead App on his smartphone.

If he had had such a thing to study, he would have said to his troops as they were freezing and dying at Valley Forge, “Come on boys. Let’s go home. We are wasting our time here. Believe it or not, politicians of the future are vying for the privilege of destroying what we are freezing, bleeding and dying to give to them.”

William C. Lewis

Brasher Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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1. How are the candidates trying to destroy America? Because they are offering ideas they think will improve it, submitting those ideas to democratic approval? If Washington had possessed anything more advanced than a landline (had you called him during Valley Forge you would have gotten Martha and she would have explained that George was off to war, can you call back in a few years) then he would certainly have wanted an app to look at the future and would have been flabbergasted that we've lasted this long.

Holmes -- the real one


Do you imagine that they would want the current occupant of the White House?


Hard to say mr Holmes. I don’t believe they wanted year long full time politicians. At that time, most had to travel long time frames to get to the capital and got the business of the people done as quick as they could do they could get back to work. Certainly not what we see now. They may be ashamed of trump...but it would not stop there nor be confined to only one party.


Well...they may like Elizabeth warren. After all, she is a Native American. Sorry folks, that was too easy lol

Holmes -- the real one

That was simply (unsurprising) low behavior on your part.

The founding "fathers" had no intention of having "mere women" participate in government. Their place was in the home, raising children, and being a "help meet" to their spouse. Women did not have a vote, or even a say in government proceedings.

Since that time there has been amendment to the Constitution. Why? Because it is not a perfect document.

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