Bellor declares her commitment to residents

There is a race for mayor in the village of Clayton this fall.

I would ask the voters of that beautiful community to re-elect Norma Zimmer as their mayor. Norma has been a friend of my family for four decades. In that time, I have seen her triumph over adversity and tragedy. I have seen her thrive as a mother, a friend and as a tireless community activist.

Her commitment to her community is what I write about. Norma has served as Clayton’s mayor for 12 years.

In that time, she has been instrumental in initiating and supporting projects, developments and improvements — too many to count. Festivals and tourism are her specialty, all while considering the good of the entire community. The riverwalk, the Thousand Islands Harbor Hotel, the development of Frink Park, antique boat weekends, the Clayton Opera House are just a few of the successes that were either initiated or improved on Norma’s watch.

Norma accepted a huge responsibility when she boldly fought for the village’s long-term improvement project along Riverside Drive, currently underway. Keeping her “eye on the prize,” Clayton’s downtown district is sure to be the envied jewel of the Thousand Islands.

Norma is a strong, respected leader who surrounds herself with policy- and decision-makers who are both dedicated and smart. I believe they are all responsible for what we see as Clayton thriving.

I know Norma so well that I am asking you to vote for her on Nov. 5. I promise she will continue to work as hard as she always has to improve Clayton and selflessly serve her beloved community.

Support Norma Zimmer to keep the momentum moving forward; every vote counts.

Colleen M. O’Neill


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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