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Familiarity does not equal stagnation. A seasoned career, an accustomed face and a familiar voice bring an advantage to this mayoral office and to Clayton during these crucial times. Over the past 12 years as mayor, I’ve worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of my fellow residents of Clayton through significant structural and economic developments. If you re-elect me as mayor, we will use the momentum of these past 12 years to carry us forward through the completion of these momentous projects.

Over the past few decades, Clayton has transitioned from losing its blue-collar economy to becoming a major tourist destination. This transformation was no accident and required vision and meticulous planning by me and the many civil servants whom I’ve had the pleasure of serving beside. It was through our hard work that projects such as the Frink property development were successfully completed and made way for growing economies such as the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, a tourism anchor in this community.

My priority has always been in addressing the long-neglected water lines, sewer facilities and collection system. Updates are necessary to enable economic development and provide residents with dependable and safe drinking water and to eliminate overflow to river, our most vital asset. With the state Department of Transportation reconstruction project, we’ve been able to finally address these necessary improvements in a cost-effective way; we will finally have a new water main and buried utility lines when this project is completed in 2021. We are working on funding and finalizing the design of the collection system and upgrades to Riverside Drive pump station and expect an update on our grant proposal soon.

More than $18.9 million in grants have been secured for Clayton during my tenure, proving my ability to continue growing and improving this incredible community. I am thankful for all of those who have stood alongside me and committed to improving the lives of everyone in the town and village of Clayton.

I urge you to get out and vote Tuesday. Vote for me, Norma Zimmer, for re-election as mayor of Clayton. A familiar voice, a familiar face and one in touch with the needs of this community and a proven ability to address those needs. I still have so much I wish to give to you and this community and thank you for the honor of continuing to serve you as mayor.

Norma Zimmer


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