This video and the below text was copied from its original post in the Nature’s Way Facebook group, by Jamie Brown, to include comments and reactions from members. Music was not captured in the recording.

“Good Evening Nature’s Way”

“Mary’s Flight” 🕊🙏💖

Eternal Sunset

Music: Dreaming by Schumann

Well I’m just blown away by the love and support this group has shown over the last couple days for our fallen friend Mary Reynolds. I’ve made it a point to read each and every loving memory and tribute to this dear lady. Today the birds are a little quieter and the sun doesn’t shine so bright but I thought to myself what would Mary want us to do. Well I can tell ya this she wouldn’t want us to sit around too long in a depressed state she would want us to keep doing what we love so that’s exactly what I did last night as I took my drone to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in her memory. Although Mary’s home of Watertown isn’t exactly New York in our talks she would often tell me she dreamed she could live somewhere closer to nature and I wished that for her too and even invited her out to visit our beautiful home here in the foothills of Northern California and I’d fit the bill to fly her out.Well unfortunately we don’t always get what we wish for so in the spirit of wishful thinking..... this is 💖🙏🕊“Mary’s Flight” 🕊🙏💖

Rest easy my Dear Friend 💔

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