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General Contact Information

Watertown Daily Times
260 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone: (315) 782-1000, (800) 642-6222 (General)
Phone: (800) 724-0401 (Classified)
Phone: (800) 724-1012 (Circulation)
Fax: (315) 661-2520 (Business Office)
Fax: (315) 661-2521 (Classified Advertising)
Fax: (315) 661-2522 (Display Advertising)
Fax: (315) 661-2523 (News Room)

Corporate Administration

John B. Johnson
CEO / Co-Publisher
Harold Johnson
President / Co-Publisher
Gary Valik
VP of Sales and Marketing
Michael Messerly
Digital Director


Alec Johnson
Managing Editor
Brian Kelly
City Editor
Elaine Avallone
Lowville Journal & Republican Editor
Tom Graser
St. Lawrence & Franklin Counties Editor
Erin Whitney
Oswego County Editor
Holly Boname
NNY Magazines Editor
Jerry Moore
Editorial Page Editor
Gregory Gay
Sports Editor
Rich Fyle
Assistant Sports Editor
Christina Knott
Features Editor
Cathie Egan
Currents & Assistant Features Editor
Chris Brock
Staff Writer (features)
Craig Fox
Staff Writer (Watertown city government)
Marcus Wolf
Staff Writer (business)
W.T. Eckert
Staff Writer (Canton)
Susan Mende
Staff Writer (Canton)
Julie Abbass
Staff Writer (Lowville)
Kathy Taber-Montgomery
Staff Writer (Adams, Henderson)
Bob Beckstead
Staff Writer / Editor (Massena, Potsdam)
Cap Carey
Chris Fitz Gerald
Dan Mount
Philip Sanzo
Al St. Pierre
Sportswriter (Massena, Potsdam)
Sydney Schaefer
Manager of Multimedia
Chris Lenney
Photographer (Canton)


Kelly Burdick


Customer Service
For help with your subscription
Lori Strough
Home Delivery Manager
Mary Sawyer
Circulation Director


Michelle Bowers
Advertising Director
Cindy Aucter
Account Executive
Teresa Cantwell
Account Executive
Yvonne Houppert
Account Executive
Barb Loomis
Account Executive
Kristin Post
Account Executive
Dominic Visconti
Account Executive
Jody Frawley
Senior Digital Consultant

Classified Advertising

Classified Department
Ad Submission

Human Resources

Matthew Crowder
Human Resources Generalist