Ryan Green (FL MVP)

School: Belleville Henderson

Class: Senior

Position: Forward

Stats: 25 goals, 9 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “What made Ryan a special player this year is we had a position open up that the team needed, as a finisher. And Ryan stepped in and had so much success, it was like we never missed a beat.”

— Belleville Henderson coach Shawn Maloney

Hans Schumacher (NAC MVP)

School: Malone

Class: Junior

Position: Midfield

Stats: 15 goals, 9 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “Hans is a very special player that any coach would dream of having. He has a very high skill level in every aspect of the game and is still one of the hardest workers in every practice session, an amazing understanding of the game and tactics.”

— Chris Yaw, Malone coach

Gabe Clement

School: Thousand Islands

Class: Senior

Position: Midfielder

Stats: 23 goals, 10 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “Gabe is an extremely talented athlete with great knowledge of the game and love for the sport of soccer. His work ethic and technical skills allowed him to control the middle of the field every game.”

— Thousand Islands assistant coach Drew Bretsch

Tim Cook

School: Salmon River

Class: Senior

Position: Midfield

Stats: 4 goals, 2 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “Center midfielders have to eat up space and be hard on the ball. Tim did that and more this year, really becoming a strong defensive force.”

— Tim Cook Sr., Salmon River coach

Aiden Knight

School: Colton-Pierrepont

Class: Senior

Position: Goalie

Stats: 7 goals allowed

College: Undecided

Quote: “Aiden is a tremendous athlete. He had complete control of the goal area and constantly stifled the opponents offensive threats. He was driven, motivated and possessed the ability to lead by example.”

— Bill Reed, Colton-Pierrepont coach

Nick Lennox

School: General Brown

Class: Senior

Position: Forward

Stats: 10 goals, 6 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “As a three-sport all-star athlete, Nick has an excellent work ethic and is very self driven. He is a great teammate, player and captain. His positive attributes influenced the entire team and it showed in our undefeated Frontier League record.”

— General Brown coach Phil Jenner

Ben Rathbun

School: Watertown

Class; Senior

Position: Defender

Stats: 1 assist

College: Undecided

Quote: “Ben is an extremely competitive player who provided great leadership to the team. His mentality to win the ball and his ability to connect passes under pressure make him a fantastic defender.”

— Watertown coach Todd Heckman

Romano Sergi

School: Potsdam

Class: Senior

Position: Midfield

Stats: 11 goals, 9 assists

College: Undecided.

Quote: “Romano was a four-year starter and will be missed next season. He is the type of soccer player any coach would be lucky to have. He brings outstanding technical and tactical ability to the game as well as a strong work ethic.”

— Al Benda, Potsdam coach

Matt Skorupa

School: South Lewis

Class: Senior

Position: Forward

Stats: 15 goals, 11 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “Matt finishes his career as the most decorated player in school history. Although man marked or double teamed in every game over the last two seasons, he finishes with 67 goals and 26 assists. His dedication and coachability will be greatly missed.”

— South Lewis coach Ed Collins

Jadon Sullivan

School: Harrisville

Class: Senior

Position: Forward

Stats: 12 goals, 14 assists

College: Undecided

Quote: “A true gentleman on and off the field. When he wraps up his athletic career at Harrisville he will be considered as one of our best all-around athletes ever.”

— Harrisville coach Rick Bearor

Cael Woodcock

School: Morristown

Class: Senior

Position: Defense

Stats: 5 goals, 5 assists

College: Undecided.

Quote: “Cael has really grown as a player throughout the past few years. He was the backbone to our team and a huge reason for all our successes. He was able to play the ball out of the air and did a great job transititioning the ball up the field.”

— Morristown coach Vanessa Ross



Izeigha Collins, General Brown, Jr.

Tim Farns, Colton-Pierrepont, Sr.

Ethan Uliano, Watertown, Sr.


Sam Angelo, Indian River, Sr.

Riley Connell, Watertown, Jr.

David Jenner, General Brown, Jr.

Clayton Jones, Salmon River, Sr.

Karter Jordan, Lisbon, Sr.

Peyton Snell, Parishville-Hopkinton, Jr.


Ben LaRock, Lisbon, So.


Cooper Myers, Lowville, Sr.


Sam Arrigo, South Lewis, Sr.

Brandon Bast, Belleville Henderson, Sr.

Josh Bliss, South Jefferson, Jr.

Andy Downs, Canton, Sr.

Mason Frary, St. Lawrence, So.

Miles Gendebien, Lisbon, So.

Kyle Gaumes, Lyme, Jr.

Jaden Guga, Immaculate Heart, Sr.

Brennan Harmer, Madrid-Waddington, Sr.

Ryan Herrick, Massena, Sr.

Rob Hunter, General Brown, Sr.

Karter Jordan, Lisbon, Sr.

Cameron LaPrade, Massena, Sr.

Jackson LaRock, Lisbon, Jr.

Zachary Mast, Beaver River, Sr.

Jonah McDonald, Chateaugay, Sr.

Dalton Perry, South Jefferson, Jr.

Luke Romano, General Brown, Sr.

Keith Shafer, Malone, Jr.

Adam Szlamczynski, Harrisville, Sr.

Tate Smith, Lowville, Jr.

Trevor Weston, Lyme, Sr.

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