POTSDAM — The Clarkson University women’s volleyball team has been waiting 21 months to capitalize on the momentum gained by reaching the NCAA Division III quarterfinals in 2019.

Clarkson, which went 28-6 in its most recent season, last played on Nov. 21, 2019, when it lost in five sets to defending national champion Emory in a quarterfinal match.

The Golden Knights, like every other Division III women’s volleyball program last year, missed their season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Action resumes for Clarkson tonight when it takes on village rival SUNY Potsdam in a nonconference match at 7 p.m. at Maxcy Hall.

“It feels really good,” Clarkson coach Carol LaMarche said of playing again. “The team is really focused and really driven and our junior and senior leadership is outstanding. We have, essentially, two freshmen classes. The sophomores haven’t really played a season. We are just excited to get out there, it’s been a long wait.”

In the last decade the Clarkson women’s volleyball team has been the area’s most successful fall college sport, reaching the NCAA quarterfinals five times.

For the players, knowing they are going through preseason workouts hoping to compete for a national championship can make the hard work easier to endure.

“It’s really important to me,” said junior Emma Baxter. “I know when I came in as a freshman, I wanted to play for a competitive team and being a part of a competitive team that not only wins Liberty Leagues, wins regionals, goes to the elite eight numerous times. It’s something that I’m proud to be part of.”

Said senior Kristen Liu, “It feels awesome to be back. We’ve been so anxious to be back. It’s nice to be able to really compete and play together. I think us making it that last (season), it makes it feel a lot more tangible and real (goal) for us. I know all the girls that came in and weren’t able to compete really want to get there themselves, too.”

Clarkson could not play last year, nor could it practice with the entire team in one setting. But the Golden Knights found ways in small groups to build toward this season.

“We actually used (last fall) wisely,” LaMarche said. “I’ve never had a whole year to work or change things. A season is (you) get ready for games and spring season is so short that I can pick one, maybe two things to work on. We completely changed something of our offense and defense and we had a whole year to work on it. We used it to our benefit.”

The year off has brought some oddities, like Baxter, who jumped from a rookie to a veteran leader in one playing season.

“I was 18, fresh out of high school, trying to play for this big team and now I’m a 20-year-old junior that’s just trying to do the same thing,” Baxter said.

Clarkson opens the season just out of the American Volleyball Coaches Association Division III national preseason top 25.

The Golden Knights received the most points of any program that didn’t get a top-25 spot.

Clarkson volleyball has always played a challenging nonconference schedule and the COVID-19 situation has not changed that this fall. Clarkson will travel to a tournament in Virginia this weekend, facing Mary Washington and Virginia Wesleyan in Virginia Beach and then Illinois Wesleyan and Christopher Newport in Newport News.

On Sept. 17-18 the Golden Knights will go to Hoboken, N.J., to play Stevens, Scranton and Stockton. Clarkson also makes a trip to Glenside and Allentown, Pa. in mid-October to face Arcadia, Johns Hopkins and Muhlenberg.

“With Clarkson athletics, whatever we are allowed to do, we’re going to do,” LaMarche said. “We’ve been on the aggressive side, rather than the conservative side. As long as it’s safe, and we’re allowed to, we’re going to do it. It’s going to be interesting. Each school will have their own COVID protocols, and we have to follow whatever their protocols are. We are going to do as much as we can.” MEN’S SOCCER

Outlook: None of the area soccer teams played games last season due to COVID-19 and all four squads have two sets of freshmen when one considers the freshmen last year who never got to play. Clarkson was the most successful area team in 2019, reaching the Liberty League championship game. But the Golden Knights are essentially a new team this season.

St. Lawrence University had its first losing season since 1992 in 2019, but returns leading scorer Marvin Sibanda (6 goals-4 assists). SUNY Canton reached the NAC semifinals two years ago but lost most of its scoring. The Kangaroos do return experienced goalie Tyler Peterson. SUNY Potsdam won just three games two years ago but the Bears return Justin Lamando, who scored four goals.

Clarkson Golden Knights

Coach: Lincoln Carter (3rd year, 21-11-5).

2019 record: 11-5-4 (5-1-3).

Roster: Ian Donahue (So. G), Taro Hayashi (Jr. M), Nolan Grady (So. M), Colin Burnell (Jr. F), Greg Schebece (Gr. D), Joon Bang (Sr. M), Romano Sergi (So. F), Zachary Appel (So. M), Jack Donnelly (Fr. F), Mack Walton (Gr. M), Bobby Guilfoil (Sr. M), Michael Lanfear (Jr. M), Manuel Lavesa-Cesana (Fr. G), Gideon Amoako (Jr. M/D), Ben Choi (Fr. M/D), James Nicholas (Gr. M/D), Ben Root (Sr. F), Brandon Bahr (Sr. D), Ethan Boyle (Fr. D), Paolo Martino (So. D/M), Chris Paucar (So. M/F), Eric McKean (So. M), Vander Hart (Jr. F), Simon Falck (Jr. M), Evan Yeigh (Sr. M), Evan Carfrey (So. M), Logan Drake (Fr. D), Joey White (Jr. D), Bryan Benitez (Sr. G), Josh Conklin (Fr. M), Remi Ufneil (Fr. D), Kai Endo (Fr. M), Erick Aucancela (Fr. M).

St. Lawrence Saints

Coach: Mike Toshack (6th year, 53-26-10).

2019 record: 6-8-1 (3-5-1).

Roster: Ben Woelfinger (So. G), Ethan Riddell (Jr. M), Will Baker (Fr. D), Quinn Houseman (Jr. D), Sam Peacock (So. M/D), Robert Reynolds (Jr. D), Max Mogul (Fr. F), Antonio Rogliano (Fr. M), Gavin Pankey (Fr. F/M), Raphael Zoccolaro (Jr. M), Da’Vaughn Anderson (Sr. F/M), Shane Hauck (So. D), Andrew Terhune (Jr. D), Michael McDougald (So. M/F), Owen Lillis (Fr. M), Jake MacKinnon (Fr. D), Ben Casner (So. D), Adam Moss (Fr. D), Sam Pijpers (So. F), Marco Wong (So. M), Miles Levy (So. M), Desmond Pratt (Fr. D), Kyle Graber (So. F), Myles Robinson (Fr. D), Bo Nordberg (So. F), Benjamin Cull (So. M), Chris Szidat (So. G), Calil Neme-Filho (Fr. G), George Charalambous (Fr. G), Parker Hotchkiss (Jr. F), Marvin Sibanda (So. M).

SUNY Canton Kangaroos

Coach: Tim Penrod (8th year).

2019 record: (7-10-2, 4-4).

Roster: Kenny Meyer (Fr. G), Tyler Petersen (Sr. G), Chase Ross (Fr. D/M), Will Austin (Sr. M), Martin Torales (Fr. M), Connor Kelley (So. D), Dzihad Cecunjanin (Jr. M/F), Jacob Deuel (Sr. D/M), Nick Savallo (Sr. M), Pedro Desouza (Sr. M), Augustin Nunez (Jr. M/F), Joey Johnston (So. F), Ariel Enamorado (Sr. D/M), Owen Kwong (So. G), Leo Golden (Fr. M), Evan Petersen (Sr. D/M), Brandon McCorriston (Jr. M/F), Brendan Padgett (Fr. M/F), Van Moussavou (Jr. D), Brendan Labbe (Fr. M), Dylan Vanderpool (Fr. M), Jason Hernandez (So. D/M), Joe Lombardo (So. D), Conner Morse (Sr. D/M), Chris Cook (Jr. D/M), Ellis Sanchez (Sr. M/F), Jason Meneses (Jr. G).

SUNY Potsdam Bears

Coach: Adam Parker (10th year).

2019 record: 3-14-2 (1-7-1).

Roster: Dan Schaebert (So. G), Conor Callan (Sr. G), Justin Lamandao (So. M), Antonio Gerbasi (Fr. F/F), Quinn Graziano (Sr. M), Sebastian Sosa (So. M/D), Sebastian Matos (Sr. M), Patrick Frascello (Sr. D), Colin Zieske (Sr. D), Brennan Halbohm (Fr. M/F), Zach Saddlemire (Fr. M), Justin Crovetto (Sr. F), Logan Hinnerschietz (Fr. M), Michael Diano (Sr. D), Michael Collins (Fr. F), Gabriel Lizana (Jr. F), Raymond Jones (So. D), Nick Intrabartolo (Fr. M), Devin LaDue (Fr. M), Timothy Petty (So. D/M), Donny Opahls (So. D), Owen Santos (Fr. M0, Rafael Castro (So. M), Luke Clark (Fr. M/F), Aiden Davis (Fr. F), A.J. Rymph (So. M), Austin Hutchins (Fr. F), Nicholas Kelting (Fr. D), Matt Simco (Jr. D), Justin Mossey (Fr. F), Mark Huanca (Fr. M), Roy Oliveros (Fr. D), Zach Cunningham (Fr. M/F), Wes Spaulding (Fr. D), Bergen Criswell (So. F), Woodley Eustache (Fr. D), Peyton Snell (Fr. F).


Outlook: Clarkson was 7-1-1 in nonconference games two years ago, but went 2-7 in the Liberty League. Most of this year’s roster is new. SLU won 12 games two years ago. SLU returns Isabel Silvia, who scored six goals and Tyler Potter, who scored five. Ogdensburg native Kelsey Pinkerton is one of the captains of SUNY Canton. The Kangaroos return Sarah Riedel, who scored four goals. SUNY Potsdam went 8-9-1 two years ago and returns one of its top offensive players in Mackenzie Bowie, who scored eight goals.

Clarkson Golden Knights

Coach: Zac Shaw (2nd year, 9-8-1).

2019 record: 9-8-1 (2-7).

Roster: Ava Pushor (So. G), Emma Timerman (Jr. G), Julia Cascone (Fr. M/F), Alexis Billings (Fr. M), Emily Davis (Fr. M), Chloe Hodge (Fr. F), Bradyn Radford (Jr. D/M), Arin Bates (So. D/M), Emma Harrigan (Sr. D), Delaney Holohan (Jr. D/M), Sarah Kohls (Jr. M/F), Haley Archambault (Fr. M/F), Dana Andreaggi (Sr. M/F), Tonia Kousmanidis (So. M/F), Rylee Martin (So. F/M), Elizabeth Roberts (Sr. D/M), Hannah Letourneau (Sr. D), Emily Colby (So. M), Hailey Hansen (So. D), Aspen Tlapa (So. F), Angelina Fahrenkrug (Jr. F), Rachel Williams (Fr. D), Juliette LaRock (Jr. M), Jennifer Haycook (So. D), Morgan Eaton (So. D), Elise Almgren (Fr. G), Molly DiCaprio (Fr. G).

St. Lawrence Saints

Coach: Sinead McSharry (third year, 22-8-4).

2019 record: 12-5 (6-3).

Roster: Darcie McDonough (Fr. G), Keely Snode (So.), Ellie Shaw (So.), Alyvia Ronning (Fr. M), Jenna Durkin (Fr. D), Hannah Dorfman (Sr. D), Lauren Arthaud (Sr. M/F), Sam Cohen (Jr. D/F), Maille McMahon (Fr. M), Phie Miles (Sr. M), Duun Cocozza O’Hara (Sr. F), Emma Reynolds (So.), Britney Burns (So.), Grace Bridge (So.), Grace Wagshul (Jr.), Mia Cence (Fr. D), Anya Found (Jr. F/M), Grace Mochnal (Fr. M), Karin Ishikawa (Fr. F), Isabel Silvia (Sr. M), Keelin Hurtt (Sr. M), Hope Donoghue (So.), Natalie Schock (Fr. D), Tyler Potter (Jr. F), Emma Casey (Fr.), Erin O’Brien (Jr. D/F), Elyse Jackson (Jr. D/F), Katherine Parsons (Sr. D).

SUNY Canton Kangaroos

Coach: Rose Lucidi (6th year).

2019 record: 4-13-1 (3-4-1).

Roster: Skylar Williams (Fr. G), Samantha Hayes (So. G), Autumn Kunes (Jr. D), Christiana Taber (So. M), Alexandria Mikula (Sr. M), Kelsey Pinkerton (Sr. M), Desiree Forde (So. M/F), Hailey Bentley (So. M), Hannah Reed (Fr. F/M), Jordan Kloepping (Fr. D/M), Rachel Merica (Sr. D), Caitlin Douglas (So. D), Hanlon Crane (Jr. M), Alexis Sullivan (So. F/M), Mayella Rubin (So. M), Isabella Almodovar (So. M), Sarah Riedel (Sr. FM), Morgan Nealon (Fr. D/M), Madison Henning (Fr. M), McKenna Bourgeois (Sr. G/D), Brooke Rossignol (Jr. F), Taryn Morrissey (Fr. F/M), Victoria Hanna (Jr. G), Paige Gotch (Jr. D), Michelle Obleman (Fr. M), Gabby Flynn (Fr. D).

SUNY Potsdam Bears

Coach: Mark Misiak (10th year).

2019 record: 8-9-1 (4-4-1).

Roster: Shayna Lenney (Fr. M), Maeve Morrissey (Sr. D), Emily Metz (Jr. D), Nora Canning (Jr. M/D), Makenna Crosson (Jr. F/M), Meaghan Sardi (Fr. M), Margaret Crosson (Jr. F/M), Kristina Sanchez (Sr. M), Grace Fitzgerald (Jr. D), Chloe Gordon (So. G), Mackenzie Bowie (Sr. F), Kari Hance (Fr. M), Savannah Bowie (Fr. D), Sami Dentil (Fr.), Kienle Burns (So.), Sarah Emmi (Fr.), Leah Karabaich (Fr.), Gabby Marchello (So.), Layla McKeiver (Fr.), Emma Robbins (Fr.), Chelsea Speranza (Fr.), Julia Tycott (Fr.), Hailey von Ahn (Fr.), Camden Woodbeck (Fr.).


Outlook: Clarkson won 28 games in 2019 and reached the NCAA Elite Eight for the fifth time in eight years, losing in five sets to defending national champion Emery in a quarterfinal match. St. Lawrence University is coming off a 22-win season which ended with a loss to Clarkson in the first round of the Liberty League Tournament. SUNY Canton won nine matches two years ago but reached the NAC championship match before falling to Maine-Maritime. SUNY Potsdam is coming off a 10-win season.

Clarkson Golden Knights

Coach: Carol LaMarche (6th year).

2019 record: 28-6 (6-1).

Roster: Abigail Spector (Fr.), Emma Baxter (Jr.), Celestial Barrera-Lopez (Sr.), Annabella Regan (Fr.), Julia Bennett (So.), Kristen Liu (Sr.), Allyson Treichel (Fr.), Natalie Peacock (So.), Alexandra Bergantz (Jr.), Megan McEwen (Sr.), Isabelle Crow (Jr.), Kristin Werdine (Jr.), Sara Galante (So.), Gillian Kurtic (Gr.), Olivia Freer (So.), Kayla Gault (Fr.).

St. Lawrence Saints

Coach: Shelly Roiger (11th year, 191-143).

2019 record: 22-10 (4-3).

Roster: Alana Haehl (Fr.), Madison Amico (Sr.), Dorian Funk (So.), Dylan O’Day (Fr.), Natalie Piper (Sr.), Annika Kreppein (Sr.), Reagan Collier-Hogan (Sr.), Allie Posnick (Jr.), Rachel Boudreau (Fr.), Kate Gardner (Fr.), Courtney Benson (Sr.), Katrina Henrich (So.), Delaney Durant (Fr.), Jada Masiclat (So.), Vivian Zymeck (So.).

SUNY Canton Kangeroos

Coach: Caitlin Grimshaw (second year, 9-21).

2019 record: 9-21 (5-1).

Roster: Peyton Nadeau (Sr.), Emily Dreyer (So.), Nicole O’Connor (Sr.), Sarah Balcom (Fr.), Alexis Price (So.), Cassidy Werner (Fr.), Cadin Taggart (Fr.), Alexas Marshall (Fr.), Bethanie Gratton (So.), Bailey Nadeau (So.), Michaella DeCapua (So.), Laura Clements (Jr.), Alyssa Adams (Fr.), Gabrielle Durant (Jr.), Victoria Norton (Fr.), Kay Carlson (So.), Mary Thomas (Fr.).

SUNY Potsdam Bears

Coach: Josh Stokes (7th year).

2019 record: 10-17 (3-6).

Roster: Emma Bautista (Jr.), Mackenzie Fischer (Jr.), Jacqueline Butler (So.), Mikayla Myers (So.), Nikki Ramirez (Sr.), Jessica Ader (Jr.), Colleen Murphy (Fr.), Marissa Wagoner (Fr.), Emme Price (Jr.), Santara Hart (Fr.), Abygail Olejnik (Jr.), Alyssa Rogers (Jr.), Kendall Jones (So.), Marley Hawthorne (Fr.), Megan Henry (Fr.), Caitlin Retzlaff (Jr.), Natalie Monnat (So.).

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