Browns, Chiefs to clash

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From the drawers of the Top Secret Fyles:

It’s great to see that the NFL preseason is underway, meaning the regular season is right around the corner or specifically the Sept. 9 opener between the always popular Dallas Cowboys and the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

To get ready for the regular season,, a popular betting site in Las Vegas, has projected the win totals of each NFL squad this season.

Remember, beginning this season, each team plays a 17-game regular season.

n AFC EAST — Bills 10.5, Patriots 9.5, Dolphins 9, Jets 6.

n AFC NORTH — Ravens 11, Browns 10, Steelers 8.5, Bengals 6.5.

n AFC SOUTH — Colts 10, Titans 9, Jaguars 6.5, Texans 4.5.

n AFC WEST — Chiefs 12, Chargers 9, Broncos 7.5, Raiders 7.5.

n NFC EAST (not to be confused with the NFC LEAST) — Cowboys 9, Washington 8, Giants 7, Eagles 6.5.

n NFC NORTH — Packers 11, Vikings 9, Bears 7, Lions 5.

n NFC SOUTH — Buccaneers 11.5, Saints 9, Falcons 7.5, Panthers 7.5.

n NFC WEST — 49ers 10, Rams 10, Seahawks 9.5, Cardinals 8.

I feel that Jaguars, Broncos, Bears and Falcons could easily win more than games than Vegas has projected, while the odds makers were a little too generous to the Ravens, Titans, Chargers and Vikings.

Now let’s move on to the individual NFL MVP award for 2021.

Here are the listed odds for the person to take home the award (the first nine candidates are all quarterbacks):

6/1 — Patrick Mahomes (look for him to have a monster season after last year’s disappointment in the Super Bowl).

8/1 — Aaron Rodgers (the saga is over and he will be firing footballs down field).

12/1 — Josh Allen (serious emerging contender).

14/1 — Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray.

16/1 — Tom Brady (just turned 44 and still going strong).

18/1 — Matt Stafford (new environment with the Rams definitely an improvement over the downtrodden Lions).

20/1 — Dak Prescott (it will be interesting how he performs after last season’s gruesome injury against the Giants) and Russell Wilson.

25/1 — Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry (the first two running backs).

100/1 — Aaron Donald (the first defensive player listed).

n Richie Rich’s Top 10 rankings in MLB: 1. Giants; 2. Dodgers; 3. Brewers; 4. Rays; 5. Astros; 6. Athletics; 7. White Sox; 8. Red Sox; 9. Yankees; 10. Padres.

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