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From the drawers of the Top Secret Fyles:

With the NBA season set to resume July 31, here’s my personal list of greatest all-time, long-distance shooters.

This chart includes past and present players from the NBA and ABA, and importance is stressed on long distance and NOT on shooting guards. Apologies to Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and others who shot automatically or free-lanced near the basket. Also, the NBA’s 3-point line was instituted in 1979, while the ABA had it for all nine seasons.

n 10. Steve Kerr — Bulls’ lethal playoff shooter (ask the Jazz in 1997 Finals) is on the list because he’s the NBA’s all-time 3-point FG% leader at 45.4.

n 9. Steve Nash — Long-time Hall of Fame play-making guard ranks 24th with 1,685 treys and hit at 42.8%.

n 8. George Gervin — Five-time All-NBA First Teamer and Hall of Famer was a 25.1 PPG scorer and shot 50.4% overall from the field.

n 7. Rick Barry — Hall of Famer is only man to win scoring titles in college, NBA and ABA. Five-time All-NBA First Teamer was a 24.8 PPG scorer.

n 6. Kyle Korver — Ranks fourth all-time with 2,437 treys. Four-time single-season 3-point FG percentage leader and is a career 42.9% shooter from downtown.

n 5. Jerry West — 10-time All-NBA First Team and Hall of Famer averaged 27.0 PPG over 14-year career and 29.1 PPG in playoffs. Shot 47.4% overall from field.

n 4. Ray Allen — Hall of Famer is NBA’s all-time leader 3-pointers made with 2,973 and was a 40.0% shooter from beyond the arc.

n 3. Reggie Miller — He’s second all-time with 2,560 long-range shots, connecting at a 39.5% clip. Led league in 3-balls twice, in 1993 and ’97.

n 2. Larry Bird — Hall of Famer and nine-time All-NBA First Teamer won three straight MVP awards and Long Distance Shooter titles. Was a 24.3 PPG scorer and shot 37.6% outside the arc.

n 1. Stephen Curry — Barring injuries, Warriors guard will be the NBA’s all-time 3-point king. Ranks third with 2,495 and long career is ahead. Led NBA five straight years in 3s, including single-season record 402 in 2015-16 when he hit at 45%. Career 43.5% shooter from 3-point land.

n Honorable Mention (post-1980) — Peja Stojakovic, Dale Ellis, Glen Rice, Kevin Durant, Chris Mullen, Mitch Richmond, Klay Thompson, Drazen Petrovic, Mark Price, J.J. Redick and Dirk Nowitzki.

n Honorable Mention (pre-1980) — Louie Dampier, Bill Sharman, Earl Monroe, Hal Greer, Pete Maravich, Oscar Robertson, Lou Hudson and John Havlicek.

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