De’Shaun Thorigal-Brown Junior General Brown Guard

General Brown’s De’Shaun Thorigal-Brown comes from a basketball family. Lauren Miller/Watertown Daily Times

Q: How did you fall in love with your sport, what was the moment you fell in love with basketball?

A: “Honestly I can’t pinpoint a specific moment I fell in love with basketball, I guess it’s always been a part of me. I always remember waking up and the first thing I do is grab a basketball and going outside and playing. Or waking up and watching Space Jam, that’s my favorite movie growing up. And my family is a basketball family so I was always around it. When I was young my dad was in a men’s league, so I was always around (basketball) before I even played.”

Q: What is your favorite basketball moment as a player?

A: “I gotta be honest, I don’t really have a favorite moment. I kind of just go out and play, I don’t know, I can’t pinpoint a specific moment that tops all the rest. I’ve had great moments and honestly, probably getting to The Dome for basketball. That was definitely one of my favorite moments, being one of the best basketball programs in school history and having a chance to be where we were at. That was just a great feeling. To be able to start as a sophomore for that team, it was a good challenge.”

Q: What’s your favorite basketball moment as a fan?

A: “Honestly, I’m kind of weird, I don’t have a favorite basketball team. So I don’t really have an answer. I don’t have a favorite basketball team, I watch everybody. Obviously that Damian Lillard shot last season in the playoffs was great, but I can’t pinpoint one moment.”

Q: What athlete do you look up to the most and why?

A: “Kobe, it’s a pretty generic answer, but Kobe has always been my favorite. We’re a Lakers family so I grew up with the Lakers and I’ve been taught to have that Mamba Mentality. You have to be a leader not a follower, that’s how I always carried myself. Trying to get better and have that Mamba Mentality.”

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve receive from either a coach, mentor or a teammate?

A: “Staying humble. I’ve been on varsity for the past three years for football and basketball and we had great seasons the past three years and even before that. But it’s easy to get a big head around a small town about that, or around a little school about that. So definitely staying humble, staying within yourself.”

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