Q: How did you fall in love with baseball?

A: “Well growing up, my dad (Dan Myers), he’s the Lowville (baseball) coach, so I was basically born into the sport. So ever since I was little I just thought that it’s the only way to go, and I just kept falling in love with it and liking it more as I grew up.”

Q: As an athlete, what’s your favorite baseball moment?

A: “Playing defense is my favorite, I just like trying to make the routine plays and the spectacular plays. I just get a rise out of the rush of the cool moment that comes with making a nice play.”

Q: What’s your favorite memory as a baseball fan?

A: “My favorite player was Derek Jeter, so watching him go through his career. I got to watch him play one time in Baltimore, that was awesome. Seeing him hit 3,000 hits and making all these spectacular plays and watching all these highlights of him back in the day. It was just inspirational for me coming up, just a guy from New York — he’s from Michigan, but playing in New York — doing all these spectacular things and how he was a role model for everyone.”

Q: What else do you admire about Derek Jeter?

A: “Just how he carries himself off the field. If you look in the press or anything, he’s never in these big arguments, he’s always calm and always cool and never shows any emotion and that’s something I’ve carried over to my play, it’s something I try to live up to.”

Q: What’s some of the best advice you’ve received from a coach, mentor or teammate in baseball?

A: “That with every play, something happens in that moment and you have to get over it.”

Q: I guess in baseball you have to have a short memory?

A: “That’s basically what I’ve heard my whole life, you have to go to the next play once the other play is done, you just have to keep carrying on.”

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