Zoey Obert Senior Watertown Attack/Midfield

Watertown’s Zoey Obert discovered she loved the sport of lacrosse during her freshman and sophomore years. Provided photo

Q: How did you fall in love with lacrosse?

A: “I think I knew I always liked lacrosse, I grew up watching my brother play sports and his drive fueled my drive. But I think I really felt in love with lacrosse my freshman and sophomore year of high school, watching the varsity team play and watching how well they worked as a unit was incredible. Then sophomore year the JV team got a new coaching staff, coach Hazard and Soderquist, and under the new staff I learned the value of hard work and dedication. That’s when I knew I loved the sport of lacrosse.”

Q: As an athlete, what’s your favorite moment in lacrosse?

A: “My favorite part as a lacrosse player is the feeling in the locker room before a game. All day you anticipate a game, you think about who your going to play later that day and strategizing. Then before you know it you’re sitting in the the locker room and the nervous anticipation of the upcoming game fills you, and you are ready to play. You listen to the locker room pep talk and go through the pre-game traditions and you get even more excited. ... The second the whistle blows you lose yourself in the game, whether you are sitting on the sideline cheering or fighting for a ground ball the thrill overtakes you and there’s really no better feeling in the world than that because whatever is happening in your life seems to fade away for those 50 minutes.”

Q: As a lacrosse fan or a fan of any sport, do you have a favorite moment?

A: “As a fan my favorite sports moment is watching a team beat a rival they have always struggled to beat. It’s always so satisfying to see a team pull together, complete passes, communicate, and just work as a unit to beat a rival. The heartbreak of losing to a rival team is so disappointing ... So the ability to come together and beat a rival I think can really change a team’s mentality and motivate that team to not only beat their rival, but also continue pushing forward and compete with other really great teams.”

Q: What athlete do you look up to the most?

A: “I don’t believe I look up to one specific athlete, instead my biggest inspiration is my team and coaches. Everyday we all show up to practice despite weather conditions, or maybe even just a bad day and we give it our all. We all work hard during practice while also having fun, because even while doing something you love it’s OK not to be serious at every moment. We all know when to have fun and when to dial in and I think it makes for a great team atmosphere. ... Another inspiration of mine was the 2016 varsity girls lacrosse team, like the Girardi’s (Jill and Lauren). Watching them as a freshman played a part in fueling my love for the game. Watching a group of older players work together to play the game they loved was incredible.”

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a coach, mentor or teammate?

A: “The best advice I have received is we are all going to make mistakes, whether your are professional, collegiate, or high school athlete, but if you are going to make mistakes make them with a 100-percent effort. I think this is really great advice because after making a mistake it’s human nature to sort of ridicule ourselves. Instead of hanging your head you need to carry on. ... Also, I think confidence plays a big part in the game, and if we constantly dwell on our mistakes it’s hard to gain confidence to become the greatest athlete we can be. While I believe this is great advice to carry on the field, I also think it is great advice to motivate us through life.”

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