OGDENSBURG — For the first time in the long history of high school wrestling in Section 10, there will be no Section 10 Championships staged this season.

But there will be the first Section 10 Outdoor Wrestling Classic and Senior Recognition Night.

Canton Central will host the event as the fourth and final weekly tournament-style gathering of the Section 10 Wrestling teams on Wednesday at 6 p.m. on its football field so family members can attend.

OFA hosted Wednesday’s competition and it featured an epic matchup of two wrestlers with multiple Section 10 titles in their resume in Gouverneur’s JoJo Cummings and OFA’s Tristan Richardson at 160 pounds. Cummings earned a state placing last season.

The match was tied at 1-1 after regulation and the wrestlers finished the third overtime in a 2-2 tie. In the ultimate tie-breaker - sudden victory Cummings prevailed with an escape. The two wrestlers staged an epic eight minutes and 30 seconds of state quality wrestling.

“It was just a great match. Both guys wrestled great, Tristan just couldn’t hold JoJo back in the sudden victory overtime and he got an escape,” said OFA Coach Bill Mitchell.

Anyone wishing to watch the match can go on the OFA website and watch the YouTube airing of the night’s wrestling.

Cummings finished at 3-0 on the night and Richardson finished at 2-1.

Blake Hall also went 2-1 at the varsity level for OFA and Ashtyn Amo went 3-0 at the Modified level where Kierce Whitney went 1-1. Other OFA varsity results were: Brayden Wall 0-3, Xavier Stewart 1-2 and Archie Green O-2.

Two weeks ago Malone hosted the weekly NAC Wrestling competition.

Ashtyn Amo and Kierce Whitney went 2-0 at the modified level and Brayden Wall and Tristan Richardson went 3-0 at the varsity level. Blake Hall went 2-0 and Xavier Stewart and Archie Green both went 1-2.


132: Zoe Griffith (G) dec Chase White (Mal) 13-0, Hunter Mashaw (G) pinned Nick Locey (C). Chase White (Mal) dec Nick Locey (C) 10-0. Hunter Mashaw (G) pinn ed Chase White (Mal), Zoe Griffith (G) pinned Nick Locey (C).

152: Drew Gates (G) dec Rocco Feriero (Mass) 15-2, Trayton Tupper (G) dec Braydan Wall (O) 6-1. Rocco Feriero (Mass) pinned Braydon Wall (O). Trayton Tupper (G) dec Drew Gates (G) 4-2. Drew Gates (G) dec Braydon Wall (O) 7-0. Trayton Tupper (G) dec Rocco Feriero (G) 17-1.

160: Tristan Richardson (O) pinned Lucas Martin (Mal), JoJo Cummings (G) pinned Liam Green (Mass), JoJo Cummings (G) dec Tristan Richardson (O) 3-2 sudden victory 4 OT. Lucas Martin (Mal) pinned Liam Green (Mass), JoJo Cummings (G) pinned Lucas Martin (Mal), Tristan Richardson (O) pinned Liam Green (Mass).

172: Noah Park (Mass) dec Logan Robideau (Mal) 7-0, Carter Baer (G) pinned Xavier Stewart (O), Xavier Stewart (O) pinned Noah Park (Mass), Logan Rabideau (Mal) won over Xavier Stewart (O) injury default, Carter Baer (G) pinned Noah Park (Mass). Caydan Carter (Mal) pinned Issac Cromp (Mal), Noah Jensen (Mass) pinned James Hayden (Mass). Travis Montone (G) pinned Isaac Cromp (Mal), Cayden Carter (Mal) pinned Noah Jensen (Mass), Cayden Carter (Mal) pinned Travis Montone (G), Isaac Cromp (Mal) pinned Nolan Jensen (Mass).

189: Iziah Robideau (Mal) def Xander Gordon (Mass), Hunter Blauvet (C) def Blake Hall (O), Blake Hall (O) def Xander Gorden (Mass), Hunter Blauvett (C) def Izaiah Robideau (Mal), Blake Hall (O) def Izaiah Robideau (Mal), Hunter Blauvet (C) def Xander Gordon (Mass).

215: Roy Gamble (Mass) pinned Brian Noelette (Mal), Michael Cogdill (C) pinned Bock St. Louis (G), Brian Nolette (Mal) pinned Brock St. Louis (G), Michael Cogdill (G) def Roy Gamble (Mass), Roy Gamble (Mass) def Brock St. Louis (G), Michael Cogdill (C) pinned Brian Nolette (Mal). Cooper Funk (Mal) pinned Alex Boyea (Mal), Kaleb Hamilton (C) pinned Steven Deshane (Mal), Alex Boyea (Mal) def Kaleb Hamilton (C). Cooper Funk (Mal) pinned Kaleb Hamilton (C), Steve Derochie (Mal) def Steve Deshane (Mal).

285: Brody Fountain (Mal) pinned Archie Green (O), Bailey O’Leary (Mass) pinned Archie Green (O), Bailey O’Leary (Mass) pinned Brody Fountain (Mal).


102: JD Minkler (G) pinned Tanner King (Mal). Tanner King (Mal) pinned Mason Durham (G). JD Minckler (G) pinned Mason Durham (G).

110: Kierce Whitney (O) pinned Cory Jarrett (Mass), Kierce Whitney (O) pinned Ryan Mashaw (G). Ryan Mashaw (G) pinned Corey Jarett (Mass).

126: Ashtyn Amo (O) pinned Wyatt Delorme (C), Ashtyn Amo (O) pinned Wyatt Delorme (C).

160: Kolt Warner (Mal) dec Cody Zerniak 6-4, Cody Zerniak (Mal) pinned Andrew Humphrey (Mal). Cody Zerniak (Mal) pinned Andrew Humphey (Mal). Kolt Warner (Mal) pinned Andrew Humprey (Mal).

110: St. Louis (G) dec Clay Bartenslager (Mal) 26-12, Cogdill (C) pinned St. Louis (G).

126: Zoe Griffith (G) dec Chase White 18-2, Zoe Griffith (G) pinned Chase White (Mal).

145: Matt Haycook (C) dec Hunter Mashaw (G) 16-1, Jake Donaldson (G) dec Brock Francis (C) 8-3. May Haycook (C) dec Brock Francis (C) 17-5, Jake Donaldson (G) dec Hunter Mashaw (G) 10-8, Hunter Mashaw (G) dec Brock Francis (C) 8-7.

152: Lucas Martin (Mal) pinned Drew Gates (G), Trayton Tupper (G) pinned Rocco Feriero. Lucas Martin (Mal) dec Trayton Tupper (G) 4-3, Rocco Feriero (Mass) pinned Drew Gates (G). Drew Gates (G) pinned Trayton Tupper (G), Lucas Martin (Mal) dec Rocco Feriero (Mass) 20-5.

160: Brayden Wall (O) pinned Gage Cornell (G), Noah Park (Mass) pinned Liam Green (Mass), Gage Cornell (G) pinned Liam Green (Mass), Brayden Wall (O) dec Noah Park (Mass) 8-6. Brayden Wall (O) pinned Liam Green (Mass), Noah Park (Mass) def Gage Cornell 9-3.

172: Cayden Carter (Mal) pinned Logan Rabideau (Mass), JoJo Cummings (G) pinned Xavier Stewart (O). Xavier Stewart (O) pinned Logan Rabideau (Mal). JoJo Cummings (G) pinned Cayden Carter (Mal), Cayden Carter (Mal) pinned Xavier Stewart (O). JoJo Cummings (G) pinned Logan Rabideau (Mal).

172: Tristan Richardson (O) pinned Isaac Cromp (Mal), Travis Dontone (G) pinned James Hayden (G). Issac Cromp (Mal) pinned James Hayden (G). Tristan Richardson (O) pinned Travis Montone (G). Tristan Richardson (O) pinned James Hayden (G), Travis Montone (G) dec Isaac Cromp (Mal) 12-7.

189: Carter Baer (G) pinned Cooper Funk (Mal). Hunter Blauvelt (C) dec Nelson Jensen 17-1, Carter Baer (G) pinned Noble Jensen (Mal), Carter Baer (G) dec Noble Jensen (Mass) 17-1. Hunter Blauvelt (C) pinned Cooper Funk (Mal). Cooper Funk (Mal) pinnedNoble Jensen (Mass) 17-1, Carter Baer (G) pinned Hunter Baluvelt.

189: Izaiah Robideau (Mal) pinned Xander Gordon (Mass), Blake Hall (O) def Izaiah Robideau (Mal), Blake Hall (O) pinned Xander Gordon (Mass).

215: Alex Boyea (Mal) pinned Brian Nolette (Mal), Alex Boyea (Mal) pinned Kaleb Hamilton (C), Kaleb Hamilton (C) pinned Brian Nolette (Mal).

285: Roy Gamble (Mass) dec Archie Green (O) 8-1, Brandy Fountain (Mal) pinned Michael Cogdill (C), Brady Fountain (Mal) pinned Roy Gamble (Mass), Archie Green (O) pinned Michael Cogdill (C), Brady Fountain (Mal) pinned Archie Green (O), Roy Gamble (Mass) dec Michael Cogdill (C) 7-3.

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