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Copenhagen, Lowville and South Lewis plan to live stream their soccer games this fall as spectators are under a “two-per-player” limit. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

It’s Friday night, you’re done with the work week and you want to kick the weekend off with some sports. Why not switch on some local high school soccer?

Fans will be permitted to Section 3 and Section 10 sporting events this fall but in a very limited capacity, a maximum of two per player. So for those spectators who may not make the cut, a few north country schools are offering a live stream that can be viewed at home.

In the Frontier League, Copenhagen, Lowville and South Lewis are all planning to offer some version of a live stream for spectators who can’t watch in person this fall. In the Northern Athletic Conference, Potsdam said it plans to provide streaming.

Copenhagen tried live streaming out the last couple of years during basketball season and was pleased with the results. The school plans to do it again with their soccer teams, who will be playing on a brand new turf surface.

“We got our building project still in the process, we got bleachers, we got a press box, but we’re still hoping to get the fiber cable run to the press box so it’s a little bit easier for internet service,” Copenhagen Athletic Coordinator Logan Spaulding said. “Because if not, we’ll have to maybe get some type of hot spot out there.”

Copenhagen’s new athletic complex also features a press box, which would house the broadcasting equipment.

“We’re still waiting to hear from the general contractor (when the cable will be installed),” Spaulding said. “We were able to get onto the turf ... but there is still a lot to be done.”

Last basketball season, the Golden Knights streamed their games through the YouTube account of a student who ran the broadcast. They can possibly take a similar approach this season.

“I would have to talk to our tech department and our superintendent, Scott Connell, and see if that’s what we want to do,” Spaulding said. “I know for basketball games, the person that did it just did it through his own personal page. ... We certainly are going to be having internet out there eventually and that was one thing that we came to a consensus on before everything was built, that it all had internet and we would have the possibility of streaming it.”

Lowville and South Lewis also plan on utilizing live streaming options — the Red Raiders will broadcast through the NFHS Network. It’s the go-to streaming site for many high school teams in the United States and has often broadcast Section 3 and New York State Public High School Athletic Association playoff contests. Lowville’s state boys basketball championship appearance versus Glens Falls in 2019 is still available to be watched.

Unlike YouTube, it is subscription based. It has two payment options, either $69.99 for the year (currently discounted) or $10.99 for the month. Lowville has six of its soccer games scheduled on the web site, three boys and three girls, the first being a girls soccer scrimmage with Beaver River on Oct. 9.

Potsdam is also planning on streaming its games through the NFHS Network.

“Our plan is to try to play as many home games for all three levels of soccer on the turf (football stadium field) as possible. With the limit on spectators this should allow those that can’t attend the ability to view the game,” said Potsdam athletic director Mark Wilson.

Wilson also said they could live stream portions of Potsdam’s cross country meets.

“This year we also need to run our home cross country meets on campus,” he said. “Our coach is adjusting our old course so the start and finish of our meets will take place on the track. We will attempt to stream those events as well.”

South Lewis’ live stream can be found on the Athletics page of their school’s web site on game day.

Times Sportswriter Cap Carey contributed to this report.

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Great job to the lewis county and section x school superintendents/ADs for putting a safe plan in place and giving their student-athletes an opportunity to play the sport they love. Jefferson county superintendents/ADs well not much can be said!

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