Logan Patterson, left, spars with Indian River teammate Lucas VanTassel during practice Wednesday in Philadelphia. Dan Mount/Watertown Daily Times

PHILADELPHIA — One could see the disappointment in Logan Patterson’s eyes as he stood on the sidelines as the Frontier League championships took place in front of him Jan. 28 at South Jefferson High School.

The Indian River wrestler suffered a season-ending elbow injury in the finals of the Leo J. Sammon Memorial Tournament on Jan. 5 at Central Valley Academy. Patterson, who reached state tournament in the 2018 season at 120 pounds, was wrestling former state Division II champion Marek Bush of CVA in the tournament final at 126.

Patterson led the match, 7-0, with 32 seconds left when he landed awkwardly on his arm. He used his 90 seconds of injury time and came back out to try to gut out the end of the match. Bush allowed Patterson to ride out the win, but the season was over for the Warriors wrestler.

“I can’t even describe how bad I wanted to be out there wrestling,” said Patterson, who owns a 152-17 career record.

The injury resulted in a dislocated elbow, four fully torn ligaments and a torn lower bicep, which left Patterson out of action for nearly six months. Longtime Indian River coach Jamee Call lauded Bush’s willingness to cede the match to the injured Patterson. The act of sportsmanship aired on the CBS Evening News’ “On the Road” segment with Steve Hartman.

“It’s what anyone would do,” Call said. “Any coach and wrestler would have done the same thing.”

Patterson is grateful to be back on the mats and said he would thank Bush if they cross paths again.

“I’ll shake his hand and I’ll thank him unless I have to wrestle him, then I’ll beat him again,” Patterson said.

Patterson’s injury derailed a junior season that would have likely seen him return to states. He wanted to get back on the mats as soon as possible and he was overjoyed when he could practice again.

“I missed wrestling so much,” Patterson said. “I’m just excited to see what I can do.”

Patterson’s injury did not require surgery and he was able to rehab through physical therapy. Surgery would have put his return to the team at the middle of, or near the end of his senior season.

Call this year asked each one of his wrestlers to fill out a yellow index card with a team and an individual goal. Patterson figured out his two goals easily.

“I put I want to be a state champion and for the team to be Section 3 dual meet champion,” Patterson said.

Patterson has been putting in extra work in order to prepare for his last season before graduation, which starts at 6 tonight at General Brown. There’s always concern about coming back from a major injury, but Call thinks Patterson is ready physically.

“I really think it’s mental,” Call said. “The doctors say that he’s healthy and he’s good to go, but it’s still got to be playing in the back of your mind when you’re out there wrestling.”

Indian River took a share of the Frontier League “A” Division title with Carthage last season and won the league tournament crown for the third straight season. Both schools are expected to slug it out for the league and tournament titles again.

“It’s a great rivalry on the football field and it’s carried over to the wrestling programs,” Call said. “(Carthage head coach) Donny (Dorchester) does a very good job.”

The two schools are scheduled to face against each other Jan. 8 in Carthage.



Outlook: Indian River is an 11-time division champion but split the title with Carthage last season. Logan Patterson returns from an elbow injury to try to return to states. Sectional champions Alex Booth and Aiden Poe also return for the Warriors. The Comets return state competitiors Fombo Azah and Collin Null and will also have standouts Frank Downing, Justyn Begley and Thomas Albirght. Adam Ortega and Gabe Lajoie will pace a Watertown team looking to improve on last year’s record.

Carthage Comets

Coach: Don Dorchester (11th year)

2018-19 record: 11-1 overall (5-1 league)

Wrestlers to watch: Fombo Azah, Collin Null, Frank Downing, Justyn Begley, Thomas Albirght

Roster: Thomas Albright (Sr.), Fombo Azah (Sr.), Justyn Begley (Sr.), Zach Christman (Sr.), Kevin Lacomb (Sr.), Collin Null (Sr.), Gaige Orton (Sr.), Chris Fuller (Jr.), Andon Green (Jr.), Logan Ras (Jr.), Harrison Scott (Jr.), Jacob Sears (Jr.), Coal Snyder (Jr.), Alec Strife (Jr.), Dylan Thomas (Jr.), Cale Baker (So.), Ethan Chaney (So.), Conner Comfort (So.), Chance Crosswhite (So.), Frank Downing (So.), Justin Hoppel (So.), Nick Loehr (So.), Michael Okooti (So.), Brett Wormwood (So.), Sam Albright (Fr.), Christian Howell (Fr.), Thomas Intorcia (Fr.), Thomas Kennedy (Fr.), Dylan Kolk (Fr.), Avry LaGasse (Fr.), Jacob Monaghan (Fr.), Chris Rumschlag (Fr.), Hunter Sanderson (Fr.), Landon Copley (8th), Shay Sinitiere (8th).

Indian River Warriors

Coach: Jamee Call (23rd year)

2018-19 record: 11-4 (5-1)

Wrestlers to watch: Logan Patterson, Aiden Poe, Alex Booth, Gabe Lynch

Roster: Ethen Garrison (Sr.), Kenneth Melton (Sr.), Eric Moreno (Sr.), Logan Patterson (Sr.), Lucas VanTassel (Sr.), Parker Ashley (Jr.), Zach Davis (Jr.), Andrew Haggerty (Jr.), Cadence Severs (Jr.), Alex Booth (So.), Gabe Lynch (So.), Ganon Lynch (So.), Hayden Matice (So.), Aiden Poe (So.), Jake Whitmore (So.), Jared Cook (Fr.), Davin Dewaine (Fr.), Ethan Ward (Fr.), Caleb Welser (Fr.), Brady Lynch (8th), Kane Lynch (8th).

Watertown Cyclones

Coach: Chris Adams (10th year)

2018-19 record: 2-16 (0-8).

Wrestlers to watch: Gabe Lajoie, Adam Ortega

Roster: Jayden Goodmen (Sr.), Ashton Beebe (Jr.), Jude Converse (Jr.), Gabe Lajoie (Jr.), Joseph Clark (So.), Jalen Goodmen (So.), Deonte Hall (So.), Jack Lavin (So.), Adam Ortega (So.), Cain Roberts (So.), Ethan Arias (Fr.), Garrett Ashley (Fr.), Tristan Clifford (Fr.), Jack Clough (Fr.), Jaden Collins (Fr.), Manuel Gonzales (Fr.), Tayvon Johnson (Fr.), Jace Michalak (Fr.), Jamir Pauling (Fr.), Nickolas Runyon (Fr.), Daemareon Warren (Fr.), Braden Adams (8th), Tristan Smithers (8th), Michael Roberts (7th).


Outlook: General Brown and Beaver River were tops of the league last season The Lions are paced by two-time state participant Corey O’Connor and David O’Neil. The Beavers have returnees like Andre Lyndaker and Andrew Walseman. Lowville brings back Micah Roes, who was state runner-up at 113 pounds. Anthony Rasmussen leads a South Jefferson/Sandy Creek squad and is looking to improve on his fourth-place finish at states at 182 pounds. Riley Dalrymple leads a small Copenhagen squad and is the returning champion at 113 pounds in Class D in Section 3. South Lewis took second at the Dominic DiSanto Duals over the weekend. Cody Greene and sectional runner-up Branton Carpenter will be expected to have big seasons.

Beaver River Beavers

Coach: Shane Roggie (12th year)

2018-19 record: 20-6 (6-1)

Wrestlers to watch: Andre Lyndaker, Andrew Walseman

Roster: Deakin Carrow (Sr.), Brandon Chartrand (Sr.), Colton Church (Sr.), Collin Edick, (Sr.), Brent Norton (Sr.), Justin Sage (Sr.), Chase Cardinal (Jr.), Aiden Clement (Jr.), Connor Edick (Jr.), Ryan Everson (Jr.), Major Shue (Jr.), Andrew Walseman (Jr.), Justin Dickinson (So.), Jonah Mullin (So.), Trevor Waugh (So.), Connor Everson (Fr.), Seth Garrison (Fr.), Lydia Kloster (Fr.), Andre Lyndaker (Fr.), Dominic Roes (8th).

Copenhagen Golden Knights

Coach: Clay Russell (3rd year)

2018-19 record: 1-6

Wrestlers to watch: Riley Dalrymple, Dylan Petrie

Roster: Riley Dalrymple (Sr.), Josh Freeman (Jr.), Max Larsen (So.), Duncan Zubrzycki (So.), Dylan Petrie (Fr.), Tavian Camper (8th), Chase Nevills (8th).

General Brown Lions

Coach: Mike Hartle (11th year)

2018-19 record: 10-2 (6-1)

Wrestlers to watch: Corey O’Connor, David O’Neil, Chandler Moody

Roster: Kamden Campbell (Sr.), Josh Bonham-Kovalik (Jr.), Jared Hoard (Jr.), Matthew Knight (Jr.), Aiden McConnell (Jr.), Chandler Moody (Jr.), Corey O’Connor (Jr.), Xavier Vargas (Jr.), David O’Neil (So.), Nick Rogers (So.), Brayden Ryan (So.), Nathan Snow (So.), Cael Buckley (Fr.), John Chamberlain (Fr.), Cayden Crump (Fr.), Sheamus Devine (Fr.), Ashton Heath (Fr.), Chase Kampnich (Fr.), Kyler Kovalik-Derrigo (Fr.), Ryan McManman (Fr.), Chester Grazier (8th), Dylan Munk (8th).

Lowville Red Raiders

Coach: Joe Widrick (3rd year)

2018-19 record: 10-9 (4-3)

Wrestlers to watch: Micah Roes, Michael Hamburg

Roster: Nick Houppert (Sr.), Isaac Lyndaker (Sr.), John McCollum (Sr.), Micah Roes (Sr.), Devin Runner (Sr.), Christian Cantrell (Jr.), Michael Hamburg (Jr.), Carl Hoppel (Jr.), Breckon Farney (So.), Boaz Green (So.), Keegan Crenshaw (Fr.), Gavin Fowler (Fr.), Cole Jones (Fr.), Merric Laribee (Fr.), Trevor Lawton (Fr.), Landen Moshier (Fr.).

South Jefferson/ Sandy Creek Spartans

Coach: Pat Conners (26th year, 4th since 2012-13)

2018-19 record: 3-4

Wrestlers to watch: Anthony Rasmussen, Najuan Williams

Roster: Nicolas Luciani (Sr.), Anthony Rasmussen (Sr.), Michael Thayer (Sr.), James Wheller (Sr.), Marshall Coe (Jr.), Phillip Kissman (Jr.), Ryan Robbins (Jr.), Najuan Williams (Jr.), Aaron Briones-Cooper (So.), Matthew Fox (So.), Justin Thayer (So.), Derek Johnson (Fr.), Chase Lawton (Fr.), Reegan Macklen (Fr.), Elijah Narvaez (Fr.), Chris Parker (Fr.), Michael Schnauber (Fr.), Parker Kohlbach (8th), Jack Mangan (8th), Ryley Monica (8th), Maddox Sprague (8th), Chase Waite (8th).

South Lewis Falcons

Coach: Jason Greene (3rd year)

2018-19 record: 10-13 (2-6)

Wrestlers to watch: Branton Carpenter, Cody Greene

Roster: Branton Carpenter (Sr.), Cody Greene (Sr.), Phillip McCausland (Sr.), Mason Moore (Sr.), Logan Rinehart (Sr.), Brady Vosburgh (Sr.), Trevor Griffith (Jr.), Gage Marolf (Jr.), Colin Randall (Jr.), Owen Highers (So.), Aiden Highers (Fr.), Dominic Malott (Fr.), David Williams (Fr.), Isaac Gibson (8th).


Canton Golden Bears

Coaches: Dylan Morrison & Mike Haycook.

2018-19 record: 12-5 overall (6-1 NAC).

Roster: Orion Ayers (Jr.), Hunter Blauvelt (Jr.), Tyler Carmack (Jr.), Randy Clifford (Sr.), Michael Cogdill (Fr.), Noah Crespin (Fr.), Noah Curry (Fr.), Gage Dean (Jr.), Joshua Doughty (So.), Brock Francis (Jr.), Joshua Guzman (Sr.), Kaleb Hamilton (So.), Matthew Haycook (Jr.), David Jewtraw (So.), Chris Laddison (Jr.), Keenan LeBoeuf-Davis (Jr.), Nicholas Locy (Fr.), Kaiden Martinez (So.), Cohl McIntosh (Sr.), Korbyn Miller (So.), Brandon Murcray (Sr.), Connor Ramsey (Sr.), Nichalis Tupper (So.), Ezra Williams (Fr.), David Zuhlsdorf (Fr.).

Gouverneur Wildcats

Coach: Joel Baer.

2018-19 record: 15-2 (5-0).

Roster: Hunter Mashaw, Zoe Griffith, Donaldson Jacob, Drew Gates, Trayton Tupper, Vandavian Way, Chance Manson, Carter Baer, William Schroeder, Kaleb Webster, Gaige Butterfield, Jacob Corcoran, Rick Nichols, Gabe Wainright, Tyler Tupper, Mitchell Shippee, Joseph Cummings, Mitch Tyler, Jacob Shippee.

Malone Huskies

Coach: Mike Botto.

2018-19 records: 5-7 (1-6).

Roster: Alexzander Boyea (So.), Cayden Carter (8th), Jiovanni Chambers (Fr.), Isaac Crump (Fr.), Brody Fountain (So.), Alfred MacNeill (Jr.), Lucas Martin (Fr.), Brian Nolette (Fr.), Ethan Peck (Fr.), Alexander Recore (So.), Izaiah Robideau (So.), Jacob Robideau (Sr.), Logan Robideau (Fr.), Barshier Robinson (Fr.), Brodie Smythe (Fr.), Hunter White (Sr.).

Massena Red Raiders

Coach: Scott Perrine.

2018-19 record: 1-5.

Roster: Jayden Deshane (Fr.), Ethan Donnelly (So.), Rocco Ferriero (So.), Aaron Flynn (So.), Roy Gamble (Fr.), Jack Green (Sr.), Liam Green (Fr.), Preston Guynup (Sr.), Colden Hardy (Fr.), Mac LaPage (So.), Bailey O’Leary (Jr.), Noah Park (So.), Mason Phillips (Jr.), Scottland Prue (Fr.), Maria Rodriguez (So.), Nathan Rourke (So.), Nicholas Westurn (Fr.).

OFA Blue Devils

Coach: William Mitchell.

2018-19 record: 4-8 (3-4).

Roster: Gage Austin (Jr.), Collin Brenno (7th), Adam Calton (So.), Robert Downey (Fr.), Joseph George (Fr.), Archie Green (Fr.), Blake Hall (Jr.), Mitchel McCarthy (So.), Dylan Moran (So.), William Petrie (Fr.), Tristan Richardson (So.), Bryson St. Germain (8th), Xavier Stewart (Jr.), Brayden Wall (8th).

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