Lisbon a Sportsmanship Promotion program winner

LATHAM — The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is proud to announce Columbia High School (Section 2), Lisbon Central School (Section 10) and Center Moriches High School (Section 11) as its winners of the 2019-20 Sportsmanship Promotion program.

This year marks the 23rd year that deserving schools have been recognized by the NYSPHSAA’s Sportsmanship Promotion program.

The award is presented to schools who have developed proactive approaches in keeping sportsmanship in the forefront with their students, coaches, spectators, and communities. A total of 348 schools submitted the Sportsmanship Promotion Survey to the NYSPHSAA from that, 48 schools were chosen by their sections as plaque winners.

All the winning schools display Stay in the Game banners in their facilities, a school representative greets visiting teams upon their arrival for home game. In addition, the schools honor visiting seniors on the home teams senior night and thank officials at the end of all games.

For the first time in school history, Lisbon was chosen as a Sportsmanship Promotion Banner winner.

At Lisbon, if a spectator, coach, or student behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner, there is a school policy in place to address it. A chaperone, administrator or the athletic director will address the behavior with the individual, and depend on the severity of the situation, will remove from individual from the event.

If a removal occurs, a follow up meeting with the individual and school administration is conducted the following day. To return to an event, that person may have to show proof of completion of one of the NFHS courses on spectator/parent/player behavior.

The Lisbon Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will also be evaluating school sportsmanship policies and discuss them for further improvements.

“It is such a great honor for Lisbon to receive this award,” Lisbon Athletic Director Erika Backus said.

“Sportsmanship is taught daily within the world of athletics, often at times without even realizing it,” she added. “We encourage our athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship both in and out of competition, respect the game and all aspects of it, and to do their best. I am so extremely proud of our district, coaches, and our student athletes.”

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