Pumped for fall football

Philip Sanzo

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m in football mode. Traveling to high school football fields throughout Jefferson and Lewis counties to ask your son/brother/cousin/nephew/neighbor/friend a few questions has been my life for the past two weeks.

I love it. I love creating content that you guys love to consume while also giving these kids the recognition they deserve. I want to create more of that content, so I’m creating a weekly email newsletter called “The Scoreboard.” Again, if you follow me on Twitter (@Philip_Sanzo) you probably know this, I’ve tweeted about it a few times and it already has about 30 subscribers — a number I hope continues to grow.

But I wanted to pen this column to give those of you who may not use Twitter an idea of what this newsletter is all about. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be pretty cool, and I’m so pumped about it.

First of all, it’s going to have a specific focus, “The Scoreboard” will focus on Jefferson and Lewis county football, boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball. I’ll make sure to throw St. Lawrence and Oswego county content in there as well, but Section 3/Frontier League schools are going to be the main focus starting out.

I understand that there might be a few questions with this, and St. Lawrence and Oswego county people may be disappointed. But what it comes down to is that I, Phil Sanzo, am going to be sole individual curating this newsletter every week, and my responsibility as a sportswriter at the Watertown Daily Times is to cover Section 3/Frontier League teams.

Same goes for the sports. I’ll add content from other sports, mainly features, from time to time but my beats are football, boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball. So, in order to make the newsletter the best it can be, I’m going to focus on local sports.

Now, for what’s actually going to be in the newsletter. This year I want to get into a little bit more analysis and commentary. In “The Scoreboard” you’ll find some brief comments from me on the games from the previous week and overall trends going on with teams in the area.

I’ll also make sure to post links to game stories and feature stories from the past week. This is where I’ll try my best to include more content from St. Lawrence County, Oswego County and other sports going on during the season.

“The Scoreboard” will also feature, as one should assume, scores along with stat leaders and standings. My podcast, Varsity Spotlight, will also be returning and links to that will be found in the newsletter as well.

I have some other features planned that I’ll keep secret for now, but I can promise you that it’ll just be more unique local sports content.

OK, finally how to subscribe. Type in this link: http://wdt.me/TheScoreboard, fill out the form and you’ll be all set.

Again, I’m really looking forward to this project and engaging more with the community and its incredibly talented athletes. I hope to have you along for the ride.

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Sports Writer

Beat writer for Section 3 high school football, Frontier League boys and girls basketball, Frontier League baseball and Frontier League softball.

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