Dawson’s Meat Cutting finished a week of two nights of action with a 72-68 lead over Williams’ Classic Painting after Thursday’s action of the Coors Lite Greenbelt Horseshoe League.

Gardner’s Carpet took scoring honors on the winning 16 of a possible 18 points.

Standings: Dawson’s Meat Cutting 72-18, Williams Classic Painting 68-22, Ogdensburg Bowl 67-23, Reynolds Excavating 61-29, S&H Electeic 56-34, Gardner’s Carpet 43-47, Howland Pump 33-57, Nig’s 28-62, Woody’s Ringers 22-68.

Tuesday’s Results: Gardner’s Carpet 8 - Howland Pump 1, Dawson’s Meat Cutting bye, S&H Electric 9 - Woody’s Ringers 0, Ogdensburg Bowl 7 - Nig’s 2, Williams Classic Pating 6 - Reynolds Excavating 3.

Thursday’s Results: Reynolds Excavating 5 - S&H Electric 4, Howland Pump 6 - Woody’s Ringers 3, Dawson’s Meat Cunning 5 - Ogd Bowl 4, Williams’ Classic Painting - bye, Gardner’s Carpet 8 - Nig’s 1.

Schedule: Williams vs Bowl. Reynolds vs Nig’s, Howland vs bye, S&H vs Gardner’s, Woody’s vs Dawson’s.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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