Campbell aces third hole at Highland Meadows


The Howland Pump foursome of Brek Murray 40, Ben Matthews 44, Matt Beaulieu 40 and Chris Garno 50 claimed weekly honors as the pennant race tightened up in the Men’s Golf League at the St. Lawrence State Park.

The Gary & Aileen’s foursome of Chris Guimond with a medalist 39, Gary Guimond 41, Greg Guimond 44 and Dick LaVigne 47 took second and Frary’s Funeral Home finished the week in the first place (27.5) with a one point lead over Team VanHouse 28.5.

Under 40 Club: Chris Guimond 39.

Birdies: Chris Guimond 18, Derek VanHouse 16, Brek Murray 15-16, Kevin Kendall 14, Jaime Alonzo 17.

Standings: Frary’s Funeral Home 27.5, Team VanHouse 28.5, Taint Dusters 32, Howland Pump 33.5, Solid Gold Dancers 37.5, Sholette’s Liquor Store 39.5, Hammerhockies, 41.5 Team HAHA 42, Gary & Aileen’s 42.5, HillBillies 43, Phoenix on Bay 59, The Place 51.5.

Week’s Finish: Howland Pump -13 (1), Gary&Aileen’s -9 (2), Sholette’s Liquor Store -7 (3), Team VanHouse -4 (4), Taint Duster’s -3 (5), Team HAHA -2 (6), HillBillies -1 (7), Hammerhockies even (8), Phoenix on Bay +1 (9.5), The Place +1 (9.5), Frary’s Funeral Home +3 (11), Solid Gold Dancers +4 (12).

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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