Sugden’s baserunning key in Panthers’ win


Ogdensburg Bowl, The Bowl II and Mack’s Tavern scored victories in Thursday night’s See-Way Slo-Pitch Softball action.

Bowl 14 - Moose 13: Jesse Joanette’s walkoff single scored Chris Frary with the winning run in the bottom of the eighth inning to propel the Bowl to victory. Frary lined two homeruns and two singles to lead the winners who also received a double and three singles from Jay Heaton, a homerun from Jake Herzog and a double and a single from Lefty Arsenault. The Moose Lodge was led by a homerun a double and a single by Justin Martel, a triple, a double and a single by Norm Martel and three singles by Josh Lassial.

Bowl II 12 - Sipps 6: The Bowl II opened a 6-0 lead in the first two innings and was led by a double and two singles by Brandon Mullin, a triple and a single by Seth Douglass, a double and a single by John Denio and Jared Barr and three singles by Justyn McCormick. Andrew LeBeau singled twice for Sipps.

Mack’s 23 - Howie’s 12: Mack’s unleased a high octane offensive effort led by Harrison VanBuren (homerun, 4 singles), Shane Tiernan (4 singles, double), Mike Sullivan (homerun, 3 singles), Mike Thew (homerun, single), Jesse Murray (double, 2 singles), Ryan VanPatten (5 singles) and Chris Havens (double, triple, single). Howie’s countered with Andy Ladouceur (triple, double), Joel Abar (triple, single), Tanner Lawrence (homerun, double), John Missert (double, single) and Dave Kiah (double, single).

Tuesday: JP - 6 p.m. - Sipps at Ogd Bowl, 7:15 - Bowl II at Howie’s. BP - 6 p.m. - Moose at Mack’s.

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