CARTHAGE — A Carthage native has begun a business to share his love for and knowledge of the game of lacrosse.

Michael Lazore, 2006 Immaculate Heart Central graduate, played at Division I Hobart after starring for the Cavaliers. He went on to help the Iroquois National Team win the bronze medal in the 2014 and 2018 World Lacrosse Championships. He played more than 90 pro games in his eight-year Major Lacrosse League career before opting to retire at the end of last season, helping the Rochester Rattlers reach the MLL championship game in 2014 and 2015.

Over last summer he aided the Unity Lacrosse Club during its Summer Skills Session and has ventured out on his own with the Mike Lazore Lacrosse Academy to provide advance training.

“I am extremely excited to be able to help give back to the game of lacrosse and the north country where it all began for me,” Mr. Lazore, who is a state corrections officer, said. “I remember as a kid going to camps around the area and how important they were in my development. Lacrosse has provided many opportunities for me, allowed me to go to college, become a professional athlete, travel the world, connect with my Native American heritage and now provide the same outlet for kids that I had at their age.”

Mr. Lazore follows in his mother’s footsteps in sharing the love of sports. For many years Joanne Lazore has provided sports opportunities for children and adults in the Carthage area.

“My mom has devoted her life to coaching the youth of our community to provide every kid in her programs with an opportunity to develop their athleticism,” Mr. Lazore said. “She has a special talent of keeping kids engaged by making sports fun. I was one of the many kids in our community fortunate enough to grow up in my mom’s sports programs so I have been able to learn from the best as I embarked on my coaching career.”

Through the Mike Lazore Lacrosse Academy, he plans to provide personal hour-long instruction for offensive or defensive players in solo sessions or small groups of up to five players in grades 7-12.

Throughout his career, Mr. Lazore has played on both ends of the field.

“I have always excelled at defense,” he said. “Scoring goals is always fun but preventing them is more gratifying.”

He hopes to share the game of lacrosse and help players to have the same opportunities he did.

“My goal is to grow the game of lacrosse by providing a platform for kids to learn the game, enhance their skill development and ultimately provide opportunities to work with kids to help make better lacrosse players,” the former major league player said. “Lacrosse has shaped who I am. It has allowed me connect with my Native American roots. The game is in my blood and a part of who I am. We are taught to play the game with a clear mind that’s something that I really take pride in every time I step on the field.”

Contact Mr. Lazore at 315-222-4598 for more information or to set up a session.

Editor’s note: Josh St. Croix contributed to this article.

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