After a year and a half of no leagues being played at the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club, UNC and Miami put on quite a show tying at 98-98 in the first game of the Come Back League for Elementary Touch Football. Caelum Rider led UNC with five touchdown catches followed by Ashton Cardinal with four. Michael Skidds secured two second half touchdowns and Kammein Ellard, Harold Switzer and Dustin Bennett all added a score for the Tar Heels.

On the other side of the ball Miami saw eight players reach the endzone. Scoring two touchdowns each were Jacob Green, Brooklyn Decker, Duke Decker, JP Decker, Zarian Dority and Edward Baker. Cruz O’Brien and Chase Rider added a touchdown each and Duke Decker provided a late game fourth down sack on the quarterback.

Syracuse 84, Clemson 77

Game two saw Syracuse secure the win with a late touchdown scored in the final minute of play. Jared Pribble led all scorers with four touchdowns including a couple deep ball catches. Quintin Murphy and Tate Estes added three touchdowns each for the Orange. Graham Hess secured his first touchdown of the season late in the second half along with Dom “Butter” Butterfield scoring as well. Adam Rose led a short-handed Clemson team with three touchdowns followed by Owen Rose, London Davock and Cormac Rider with two each. Jacob Howe and Brody Montroy each added one score for Clemson.

UNC 91, Clemson 84

UNC came out on top with a last second touchdown scored by the birthday boy, Ashton Cardinal. Cardinal also added two more touchdowns along with his cousin Kam Bresett who put up three scores. Kammein Ellard and Caelum Rider both found the endzone in the second half for the tarheels.

Harold Switzer, Dustin Bennett and Travus Howe all added a score to help secure the win. Eight different players on Clemson were able to find the endzone including Lucy Guasconi with two, Brody Montroy with two, Owen Rose with one, Jacob Howe with two, London Davock with one, Isiah Warner with two, Adam Rose with one, and Cormac Rider with one.

Miami- 77, Syracuse 77

Chase Rider went off for the Hurricanes scoring five touchdowns and also securing an interception late in the game. Adding touchdowns to help Miami were Jacob Green, Colt and Cruz O’Brien, Edward Baker and Jordan Richer. Syracuse was led by Jared Pribble and Frank Barr with three touchdowns each. Quintin Murphy, Dom “Butter” Butterfield, Levi Jones and Jamar Richey added to the total with touchdowns of their own.

Players of the Week

Offensive- Chase Rider, Caelum Rider, Defensive- Ashton Cardinal, Jared Pribble

Sportsmanship- Levi Jones, Easton Denny.

Standings: UNC 1-0-1 2 BP - 5 points , Syracuse 1-0-1 2 - 5, Miami 0-0-2 2 - 4, Clemson 0-2-0 2 4.

Note: Bonus points (BP) awarded for good sportsmanship.

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