Ladouceur breaks par with 34 round: Guimond notes Low Net at Cordwell Sr. golf

The top two teams continue to battle for the Wings as Bob Williams /Tom Briggs, 54 points, narrowed the gap on Leaders George Beaulieu/Jeff Smith, 55 points, in the Elks Club Golf League at the St. Lawrence State Park. Close behind and tied for third with 51.5 points are the upcoming duos of Phil Cosmo/Tommer Hannan and Ed/Mark Charlton. The unsteady duo of Scott Bradley/Dale Wells continue to dominate the spot for last place. It is felt that they could contend for the upper echelon if the rules would reward them for the net number of golf balls they finish a round with.

Although Doug Loffler had a career low of 38 with back to back birdies to finish his round his partner Paul Pirie feels that his partner was long overdue as he has purposely been laying down the last few weeks in an effort to boost Loffler’s confidence. Pirie feels he can now break open his “A” game as he has been working around his partner’s fragile ego.

Pirie was quoted as saying “ it was the same way all through our high school years when I would hold back so Doug could get the headlines. If he would learn to listen to my advice he could be in the weekly elite.” Anyone in need of fine tuning their game please contact Paul at the 19th hole. For the price of a beverage he promises to take a stroke off your game.

Joining Loffler, 38, in the under 40 club were Scotty Williams, 38, and Jaime Alonso, 39. Scoring below their averages were Ed Monnat, 41, Ralph Deloney, 42, and Tommy Burns, 47. Closest to the Pin was Aaron Charlton.

Birdies were made by Ralph Deloney and Scotty Williams on No. 1, Loffler and Aaron Charlton on No. 9 and Loffler again on No. 8 which was the only skin out. Pirie commented that he expects his partner will probably invest his winnings into hydrating his fellow Elks at the 19th hole.

McRoberts Remembered Fondly

All league members were devastated by the unexpected passing of Gerry McRoberts. Our condolences go out to all of his family. There is no way of preparing for when our time comes but he certainly left behind a lifetime of great memories.

League Standings: 1.Beaulieu/Smith 55,

2. B.Williams/Briggs 54,

3. Alonso/Bell 51.5,

4.Cosmo/Hannan 51.5,

5. E. Charlton/MCharlton 51,

6. Deloney/Hewko 50,

7. M.Bressett/McGrath 49.5,

8. Fitchette/Burgess 49,

9. Pinkerton/Irvine 48,

10. Bateman/Monnat 47.5,

11. Mullaly/Garrabrant 47.5,

12. S Willams/Mills 46.5,

13. Moran/McRoberts 46.5,

14. VWilliams/Wilson 46,

15. Pirie/Loffler 45.5,

16. BoMathews/BeMathews 45,

17. Monpetit/Clegg 44,

18. Tebo/Taylor 41.5,

19. Woods/Claxton 41,

20. Kroeger/Herzog 40.5,

21. JBressett/Duprey 40.5,

22. McKee,JBell 40.5. Connor/Boyer 36.5,

23. Badlam/Premo 35.5,

24. Spriggs/Burns 35,

25. Wells/Bradley 29

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