Oswegatchie League

Week 26: Shady Brook Farms 56-48, Stanton’s 56-48, Casey’s 54.5-49.5, Armstrong’s 54-50, WWV 51-53, River Myst Winery 40.5-63.5

Highlights: Ethel Payne 224(605), Dawn Mills 213(548), Kristy McDougall 211(514), Donna Mills 192(552), Dawn Pike 191(523), Kathy Skelly 191(474), Winnie DeLorenzo 179(493), Jamie Bennett 177(446), Annette Besaw 170(481), Vicki Fishbeck 169(476), Tina Harper 166, Lori Potter 157(410), Tina James 155(410), Mikayla Pike 153(409), Lois Armstrong 150, Linda Hodge 149(400), Debra Perry 146(417), Hilary Brothers 145(422), Carole Lebel 141, Jacki Kelly 136, Marlene McAllister 136, Toni Scharf 130, Mackenzie Payne 130, Marsha Ploof 114, Jean LaJoy 100

Splits: Dawn Pike 6-4-10, 3-10, Jacki Kelly 4-5, Ethel Payne 3-10,5-7, Donna Mills 3-10, Hilary Brothers 3-10, Lori Potter 4-5, Marlene McAllister 9-10, Lois Armstrong 5-10, 5-6, 3-10

Results: Shady Brook Farms 2-River Myst Winery 2, WWV 1-Armstrong’s 3, Casey’s 0-Stanton’s 4

Schedule: WWV vs Casey’s, Stanton’s vs River Myst Winery, Shady Brook Farms vs Armstrong’s

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