The Lisbon Central Modified Baseball team enjoyed an excellent season under Coach Lucas Smith

The Lisbon boys modified baseball team ended their season with a 6-4 loss against Harrisville in a very good baseball game which could be a preview of future varsity matchups.

Harrisville jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the top of the first inning. Lisbon was able to get one back in the bottom of the inning to make the score 2-1. By the bottom of the third inning the score was 4 to 3 Harrisville in a battle of dueling pitchers between Harrisville’s Tanner Sullivan and Lisbon’s Connor Bell, Aiden Sullivan and Cooper Rutherford.

Harrisville was a constant threat on the offensive end but good defensive play by Lisbon kept them in check.

Lisbon left runners in scoring position in the bottom of the fifth and the bottom of the seventh and unable to capitalize on having runners at third base in both innings.

The offense for Lisbon was led by Connor Flack with two singles and 1 RBI and Cooper Rutherford with 2 RBI’s, a single early in the game and a long line drive in the bottom of the 7th which resulted in a Triple with one out but the Knights could not capitalize on the opportunity.

Harrisville’s offense consisted of Aiden and Tanner Sullivan contributing hits to their cause as well as Joe Shep adding a pair of singles.

“Harrisville is a very good offensive team they hit the ball very well both times we played them this year they are a tough team and they have tough pitching in the Sullivan boys. “

Coach Lucas Smith stated.

“We played very well defensively and hit the ball decently tonight but we remained aggressive on the base pathes which has been our key throughout the season. Harrisville is a very good team and tonight’s baseball game was a very good game to play and I’m sure everybody that watched it was exciting from the first inning to the bottom of the 7th”.

“This group of boys that I coached this year worked very hard all season and it showed we finished only losing two games all season both of them to Harrisville. It was a pleasure coaching this group of boys and I can’t wait to see what next season rings. This group of boys will be playing All Summer in my 15U team to continue their development for next year’s season,” Coach Smith added.

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