The fast-paced and entertaining success of the Lisbon Central Baseball team has been the talk of the village and the town this spring but Golden Knights athletes have also earned a prestigious state-wide sportsmanship award for the second straight year.

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association has announced Amsterdam High School (Section 2), Brockport High School (Section V) and Lisbon Central School (Section X) as its winners of the 2020-21 Sportsmanship Promotion program. This year marks the 24th year that schools have been recognized by the NYSPHSAA’s Sportsmanship Promotion program.

The award is presented to schools who have developed proactive approaches in keeping sportsmanship in the forefront with their students, coaches, spectators, and communities. A total of 207 schools submitted the Sportsmanship Promotion Survey to the NYSPHSAA and 38 schools were chosen by their Sections as plaque winners. The three schools selected as banner award winners, as chosen by the NYSPHSAA, will have a ceremony to receive their banner at date and time of their choosing.


Lisbon Central School – Section X

For the second time in school history and the second consecutive year, Lisbon Central School has been chosen as a Sportsmanship Promotion Banner winner. Lisbon has a code of conduct they enforce for players and parents. If the code of conduct is not followed, the behavior is addressed. The school additionally uses NFHS courses on sportsmanship to reinforce the importance of positive sportsmanship.

“Lisbon is very honored to receive this special recognition from NYSPHSAA,” said Erika Backus, Lisbon Central School Athletic Director. “This past school year was challenging for everyone, but it also provided new ways we could still provide opportunities for student athletes. We learned patience while we waited for decisions regarding athletics, encouraged our coaches to provide ways to work virtually with our students, found an even greater respect for officials and game workers who stepped up to help make games and contests happen.”

Amsterdam High School – Section 2

Amsterdam is being awarded a Sportsmanship Promotion Banner for the first time in school history. The school uses a card system that encourages proper spectator behavior and display signs at their athletic venues which clearly outlines expected fan behavior. Amsterdam also uses Sports Safe Zone at all their athletic events, a program that provides safety training to help schools make athletic events safer and more enjoyable. The school has also developed a ‘Sportsmanship Pride” program that encourages coaches, players and fans to interact with game officials in a positive manner and limit the amount of verbal abuse aimed at officials.

“We are thrilled to find out that Amsterdam is a recipient of a Sportsmanship Promotion Banner,” said Steve Nolan, Amsterdam Athletic Director. “We are working diligently to change the culture we see in sports where sportsmanship has taken a back seat. When attention is focused on the game/match and not on officials or the ideas of parents, the experience for the kids is much more pleasant. This is and will be a work in progress, but we feel we are making great strides in an attempt to provide the student-athletes, coaches, officials and parents a fun and friendly learning experience.”

Brockport High School – Section V

Brockport is also a first-time winner of a Sportsmanship Promotion Banner. At Brockport expectations for student-athletes, coaches and spectators are announced before each contest. A game ball is presented to a visiting team player, who demonstrates and exhibits positive sportsmanship during most contests at Brockport.

“It is an honor for our Brockport student-athletes, coaches, and families to receive this recognition of sportsmanship,” said Todd Hagreen, Brockport High School Athletic Director. “Collectively, our athletic program will continue to pride itself on competing to the best of our ability while respecting the sport, our opponents, officials, and opposing spectators.”

Past Sportsmanship Promotion Banner Award Winners:

2020 - Columbia High School (Section 2)

Lisbon Central School (Section X)

Center Moriches High School (Section XI)

2019 - Columbia High School (Section 2)

Arlington High School (Section I)

2018 – Columbia High School (Section 2)

Franklin High School (Section V)

Islip High School (Section XI)

West Genesee High School (Section III)

2017 – Columbia High School (Section 2)

West Genesee High School (Section III)

2016 – Byram Hills High School (Section I)

Columbia High School (Section 2)

Cooperstown High School (Section III)

2015 – Columbia High School (Section 2)

2014 – Columbia High School (Section 2)

Carthage High School (Section III)

2013 – Columbia High School (Section 2)

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