LOWVILLE — In our small town area, sports play a big role in many people’s lives both school age and beyond. The Double Play Community Center Women’s League is a way to enjoy soccer competitively with an atmosphere that promotes sportsmanship alongside camaraderie.

Leo J. Sammon, director, co-established the league 30 years ago, incorporating and coaching a team of Lowville varsity girls for just as long.

When asked his reason for directing the league and coaching one of the eight summer teams, Coach Sammon stated, “One reason is that it provides a great opportunity for my kids to see and play against some higher level players, so I think that makes them better. And, I like to provide an avenue for a lot of people who play Frontier League soccer up here that are older now, but still love the game, so it gives them something to continue their playing.”

The program started June 10 and ran through July 22 with games slated on all of those Monday evenings. The semi-finals then kicked off the night of July 29. The four teams that made it this far included Lowville who beat Beaver River 1-0 and jeb’s who beat Immaculate Heart Central 1-0.

The evening of July 31 marked the finals at the Lowville Academy Central School turf at which Lowville beat jeb’s 0-0 in regulation and 3-2 in penalty kicks.

This is the second consecutive year the team has won the league with the other teams having won it a handful of times throughout the years as well.

Coach Leo was proud as always of his team and said, “I think the biggest thing with my kids is they play hard all the time. I don’t have to motivate them to play hard. They just go out there and listen to what we’re asking them to do and they’re vested in getting better. I think they realize this is a great avenue for them to get better for their high school season.”

He further explained how needing to play faster against these older and stronger teams aids in developing their skill significantly.

The season will start up again the second week of June next summer and the director encourages all of ages eighth grade and older who are interested in joining to reach out to him at 315-767-2544.

“I think one of the great things about the league is everyone is very competitive, but there is a lot of sportsmanship,” said Coach Leo.

In conclusion, he wanted to be sure to extend a thank you to the business that has aided in the continuation of this women’s soccer league: “This really wouldn’t have been possible the last couple years without the support of Double Play Community Center. They stepped up in providing the different things we need for league.”

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