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A new ad from the Tedra Cobb campaign for New York’s 21st Congressional District questions why incumbent U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has accepted money from disgraced casino mogul and accused sexual assaulter Steve Wynn.

Stefanik’s campaign says that Cobb, whose campaign brought in millions of dollars when Stefanik was on national television defending President Donald Trump in his impeachment hearings, should return the money raised by people spreading the hashtag #TrashyStefanik, as it says the hashtag led to sexist and sexually harassing online attacks.

Wynn, who resigned from his role as finance chair of the Republican National Committee when allegations that he used his power to force employees at his Las Vegas casinos into sex emerged in 2018, has donated to Republican candidates for years.

At that time, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel compared Wynn to Harvey Weinstein, a prominent Democratic donor.

Politicians including then-House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, Dean Heller, R-Nevada, and Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, donated their Wynn contributions to charities.

Wynn has donated $8,400 to Stefanik’s 2020 reelection campaign.

“Today I am asking Elise Stefanik to do the right thing and return the contribution,” Cobb said in a news release. “Unfortunately, this is a pattern for Stefanik. She will accept money from anyone if it furthers her career.”

Stefanik spokeswoman Madison Anderson did not respond to an email question asking if Stefanik would return the contribution.

“Taxin’ Tedra gleefully raised $2 million dollars off of disgusting, sexist, vile attacks against Congresswoman Stefanik for weeks and she didn’t bat an eye,” Anderson wrote for the Stefanik campaign in an email. “Instead, Tedra welcomed and bragged about the money raised off of #TrashyStefanik. Before making these demands, Taxin’ Tedra should return every single penny raised off of the sexist and sexually harassing attacks online that Congresswoman Stefanik endured for weeks.”

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Norm Trembley

it seems that Tedra is operating in desperate mode to disrupt Elise's progress to continue along a path of good conservative value.


Who a politician takes money from doesn't reflect on them unless they solicited the money. If Stefanik had directly solicited money from this Wynn guy that would reflect on her in that it would tell us what kind of person she is beholden to. Instead, it just reflects on her in that it tells us what kind of person is one of her fans. Same with Cobb. Money is money, and when you put out a general appeal for contributions you shouldn't be morally required to give up any of it just because of who it came from. Maybe release a statement denouncing their ways, but still keep their money. On the other hand, when you hire a certain kind of person, that actually does say something about you.


Tedra has lost my vote.

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