LOWVILLE — As trick-or-treaters get ready to hit the village streets and rumors of snow fill the air, contractors are working feverishly to get the remaining two-and-a-half streets of the Five Streets infrastructure project in the village safe and winter ready.

According to Mayor Joseph Beagle, the sidewalks on the west side of Park Avenue, as of Wednesday afternoon, are now concrete up to about five houses before Shady Avenue, from where it is stone.

While Mr. Beagle said he’s not sure the small remaining section will be completed in time for trick-or-treaters, the area will be cordoned or coned off indicating any danger and they will make sure that there are no stakes sticking up from the stone.

All of the sidewalks on the east side of the street going toward Elm Street are now covered with a layer of blacktop to make them safe both for Halloween walkers and for snow plowing and shovelling all winter.

“We’re trying to keep everything as accessible and safe as possible,” said Brian Olin, co-owner of Highlander Construction, during an update meeting on the current status of the project held on Oct. 22 with village officials and representatives of GYMO Architecture, Engineering & Land Surveying, Watertown.

Stowe and Water Streets are completely done and East State Street should have a completed top course by the end of this week. Park Avenue will have its binder layer to get through the winter, but won’t be top coated until next year.

Shady Avenue will need more underground, intensive work in the spring, the contractors said, but the project has gone well so far.

“We’re where we wanted to be,” Mr. Olin said.

Highlander Co-Owner Brad Olin said they are now racing the clock to get thin layers of blacktop completed on gravel or unfinished areas before the last backtop producer shuts down operations before Thanksgiving so that the village is snow-plow ready as soon as possible.

Although some changes have come up so far in the project the money set aside for unforeseen expenses, the contingency fund that started at $1.4 million still has $700,000 available.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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