LOWVILLE — A montage of wide vistas with forested hills, blasts of snow off the edges of downhill skiers’ boards, a “like it’s you doing it” shot snowmobiling on backwoods trails on a snowy blanket with a blue sky backdrop gives a glimpse into what a visitor can find from the Tug Hill Plateau to the western Adirondacks and back.

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce is launching the first two videos of a 10-video series bumping up the county’s image to attract more tourism to its four-season outdoor recreation possibilities.

At 30 and 60 seconds, the videos are intended to bring the county’s tourism marketing into the digital age, according to Chamber Director Kristen W. Aucter.

“We looked at what’s been done historically. It’s no secret that technology has revolutionized tourism in general so we decided it was important to come up with a different model,” Mrs. Aucter said, “We hadn’t branched out from the paper brochures, which get thrown out. Hopefully, the videos will get shared and reach more people.”

Tourism marketing for the county has had a minimal online presence but the video will be featured through the Chamber’s website, which is undergoing some updates that will make it more user friendly that are expected to be finished within a month, social media and, potentially, a YouTube channel.

Winter recreation including snowshoeing, downhill tubing, downhill skiing, and, of course, snowmobiling, are shown in snippets woven together with flashes of the natural features from forests to waterfalls. The videos are the paper brochures “re-imagined” and “a little elevated,” Mrs. Aucter said.

Drone and go-pro footage are interspersed with classic video, engaging the viewer.

Next week, Mrs. Aucter will head to the N.Y. State Sportsman’s Expo held at the Fairgrounds, Syracuse, to formally launch the videos promoting the county, but old-school brochures, popular in that type of setting, will also still be in play, she said.

Ultimately, Mrs. Aucter said she hopes the videos will do more than attract new people to the area.

“Even people who have been here before, the videos can remind them of why they loved it here,” she said, “And local people, too. We forget what Lewis County has to offer. You don’t have to drive three hours to hike in beautiful places or rent snowmobiles. You can get out and experience everything that’s right here in our own back yard.”

Other upcoming videos in the series include one, currently in the works, that is snowmobiling-specific, a March release highlighting “how maple gets to your table,” and others targeting ATV opportunities, summer recreation options, fall foliage and agri-tourism with a nod to the Cuisine Trail that loops around the county.

At the end of the year, a 2½-minute compilation video will be released giving “a year-round look at all Lewis County has to offer.”

“Tourism plays a huge part in our local economy and a lot of local businesses rely on it to keep going,” Mrs. Aucter said, “It also brings in more income for the county from sales tax and the bed tax which goes for services that then benefit residents including the local businesses.”

The videos, shot by Nicola Rinaldo, Syracuse, were paid for by a state grant given through the “I Love NY” Market NY Tourism Grant program.

For more information about the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce go to their website at https://adirondackstughill.com/lewis-county-chamber-of-commerce/.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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