A volunteer pulls an ‘I voted’ sticker off to hand out at a Lowville polling site in 2017. Watertown Daily Times

LOWVILLE — Four Lewis County villages will be holding elections on March 18 for trustee positions, but only two spots will have contested races.

Copenhagen and Turin have competitive races for trustee seats while Lowville and Castorland candidates are all unopposed.

The clerks in every village except for Lowville organize the elections including absentee ballots and leading the counting process on election night. The County Board of Elections handles the Lowville process.

Copenhagen. The two current trustees in Copenhagen, Kim Vogt and Ben Shambo, are joined by Kasimir Bigda on the ballot, competing to fill the two two-year seats available.

Voting will take place at the Municipal Office, 9915 State Route 12. For absentee ballot information, call village clerk Sue Parker at 315-688-4229.

Turin. With only one trustee seat available on the village board, Lynnette Parker is challenging long-term trustee Kelly Amidon for the position.

Voting will take place at the Municipal Office, 6312 E. Main St. For absentee ballot information, call village clerk Terry Dunn at 315-348-8838.

Castorland. While Castorland has all except one board position up for grabs, including the mayor, all of the candidates are running unopposed.

Mervin Moser, who was elected to a four-year trustee seat last year, became mayor when the previous mayor moved out of the village and is now officially running for the position.

The three remaining years in Mr. Moser’s former trustee position are likely to be served by Richard Diller, who stepped in for Mr. Moser last year and is on the ballot.

Current Trustee Scott Moshier is up for re-election while Heidi Lehmann is running unopposed to fill the other open four-year trustee position.

Voting will take place at Karcher Country Estates, 4892 State Route 410. For absentee ballot information, call village clerk Robin Grunert at 315-376-3895.

Lowville. Dan Salmon is looking to retain his trustee status with the vote while Michael Leviker has no opposition in his bid to fill the seat Charles Truax Jr. will be vacating.

Voting will take place at 5535 Bostwick St. For absentee ballot information, call the County Board of Elections at 315-376-2034.

Write-in campaigns have been successful in keeping unopposed candidates from presumed seats in previous village elections, including a Lowville trustee seat last year and the justice spot in that village in 2018.

Polls in all four villages will be open from noon to 9 p.m.

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