Ogdensburg woman loses plea deal


CANTON — An Ogdensburg woman lost the benefit of her plea deal and was sentenced to prison Monday in St. Lawrence County Court when she was found to have violated the jail rules.

Casey L. Sharlow, 28, of 106 Gates St., Ogdensburg, was sentenced as a second felony offender to four years in prison with two years of post-release supervision for her June 6 guilty plea to third-degree unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine.

She had previously been convicted on Oct. 7, 2013 in St. Lawrence County Court of third-degree burglary.

Ms. Sharlow, who was previously identified as a male due to erroneous information provided to the Times, was originally supposed to have that prison sentence to be served in the system’s Willard Drug Treatment Program, in which offenders serve 90 days in a rehabilitation program before spending the remainder of their sentences under parole supervision.

But County Judge Jerome J. Richards told Ms. Sharlow that she lost the benefit of that bargain as she stood before him sobbing.

Reading from court documents, Judge Richards said on June 10, four days after accepting the plea deal and while in the St. Lawrence County jail awaiting sentencing, Ms. Sharlow had been found in possession of a bag containing orange juice, mandrin oranges and rice, ingredients in making alcohol known as hooch.

Speaking on her behalf, Ms. Sharlow’s attorney, Conflict Defender Sara Behuniak, said her client understood the severity of her mistakes and needed the treatment Willard provided, but the Judge told Ms. Sharlow she was warned prior to sentencing about abiding by the jail rules and instead, put others at risk.

The judge did allow Ms. Sharlow the opportunity to apply for any programs the prison would offer on her own behalf and that she be considered for those programs.

In addition to her prison sentence, Ms. Sharlow had $375 in court fines, fees and surcharges reduced to judgment.

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