Jacobs won’t seek re-election

Congressman Chris Jacobs says he will not run for Congress representing the 23rd District. Provided photo

BATAVIA — A decision by Congressman Chris Jacobs not to seek re-election brought mixed reactions Friday from area leaders.

Jacobs, R-Orchard Park, made the announcement during an afternoon news conference in Buffalo. He had been seeking re-election in the newly-drawn 23rd Congressional District, which does not include the GLOW region.

Genesee County Republican Party Chairman Richard Siebert said he was shocked to hear Jacobs would not continue his campaign.

Noting the newly created 23rd Congressional District does not include Genesee County, which is still in the 27th District, Siebert said he is relieved it does not affect Genesee County’s district.

The New York Times reported on Friday that, facing intense backlash from party leaders, a potential primary from the state party chairman and a forceful dressing down from Donald Trump Jr., Jacobs announced that he would abandon his re-election campaign.

In the wake of deadly mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, Jacobs stunned fellow Republicans by embracing a federal assault weapons ban and limits on high-capacity magazines, The Times noted.

“He’s been criticized all over the place for his position,” Siebert said. “There’s no doubt he’s been getting a lot of heat. His position, as I take it, is that he was supporting banning them (assault weapons) countrywide.”

The Genesee County Republican Party chairman said the last he knew New York Republican State Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy was going to seek a primary against Jacobs in the 23rd District. Siebert suggested that perhaps Langworthy being the Republican State Committee chairman and was going to seek a primary might have had something to do with Jacobs not continuing his campaign.

“He (Jacobs) told me way back a couple of weeks ago that he was not going to run in the 27th District, he was going to run in the 23rd,” Siebert said. Siebert said Jacobs told him the 23rd district was more familiar to him than the 27th.

Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman Jason J. McGuire also responded to Jacobs choosing not to seek re-election.

“I believe Mr. Jacobs to be a man of character who has taken principled positions, but his recent announcement was not reflective of the district he currently represents or of the one he intended to next year,” McGuire said Friday. “Today’s announcement is a welcome one as it will offer the people of NY-23 the opportunity for a representative more closely aligned with their values. I commend the congressman for listening to both his heart and his constituents in this matter.”

Jacobs, 55, won a special election in June 2020 to replace the disgraced former congressman Chris Collins, who was convicted of insider trading.

The redrawn 23rd Congressional District includes most of rural Erie County and much of the Southern Tier. The new 24th District would include Genesee, Wyoming and Livingston counties and runs from the Niagara River to the Watertown region.

A portion of Orleans County would be in the new 25th Congressional District.

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hermit thrush

the gop is a death cult.


So a GOP candidate takes the same position on AR's as Ronald Reagan and he gets trashed by fellow Republican's... what happened to the party..

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