Putorti, Farrell to stay in NY-21 race

Former CIA operative Matt Castelli announced he is running for the Democratic nomination for the House seat in NY-21 in a video Wednesday. Photo provided

CANTON — In the crowded Democratic race for Congress in New York’s 21st Congressional District, one candidate has received the St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee’s support.

On Monday, the chairman of the county party committee's Subcommittee to Elect Jason Clark issued a press release announcing that the county’s Democratic machine will support Matt Castelli in the election that’s nearly a year away. Mr. Castelli is one of five Democrats who have announced campaigns thus far.

“Our committee has a history of endorsing the strongest candidate in Congressional races early in the process,” Mr. Clark said. “In a race that will unfortunately require an enormous fundraising effort, it’s important that we give the best candidate the best chance on winning. Matt Castelli is that candidate.”

Mr. Castelli was the fourth Democrat to announce his candidacy. A Poughkeepsie native, Mr. Castelli is a former CIA officer and was most recently the National Security Council director of counter-terrorism under President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.

In his campaign, he’s endeavored to reach across party lines and appeal to a broad base, saying he’ll put “country before party” in office. He’s seized on the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol as well, likening it to the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Mr. Clark said it’s important to make an early decision on who to support in the race against Rep. Elise M. Stefanik, the incumbent Republican from Schuylerville.

“If we have learned anything from previous races, it’s that a crowded primary field hinders the overall effort to defeat Lyin’ Elise.” Mr. Clark said. “Having multiple candidates in the race is unsustainable as it dilutes financial and human resources.”

Mr. Castelli is, thus far, the best fundraiser among the Democratic candidates. In the last fiscal quarter, he brought in over $250,000, more than his competitors, and over a shorter timeframe of only 22 days.

St. Lawrence County’s Democratic Committee is the first county committee of either party to announce its official endorsement in the 2022 congressional race. Mr. Clark said the district’s 12 county Democratic committees had promised to remain silent on the race until after the Nov. 2 general election this year.

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I wish he had not started with the name calling.


Haha so many laughs. Democrats are on path to being all fired!


A complete waste of time and money.

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