BRASHER FALLS — What started as two businesses is now two blocks that are filled with 14 businesses, offices and apartments in downtown Brasher Falls, and the property is available for purchase.

St. Regis Realty Inc., which owns the buildings, will hold a meeting for interested investors at 1 p.m. Saturday at the River View Restaurant. There will also be a walk-through of the Main Street property.

“There are 14 businesses now. There were two when we started. That’s a lot of plywood,” said John Ward, president of St. Regis Reality Inc., which was formed in 2006. The organization currently has 15 shareholders and eight members of the Board of Directors.

The property is listed for $1.4 million and includes a post office, cafe, ice cream stand, liquor store, hair salon, bottle redemption center, library, IT business, photography studio, medical center, physical therapy suite, storage unit, two-bedroom apartment and St. Regis Realty offices.

Classes like Zumba, yoga and martial arts are held regularly in a refurbished second floor space.

Mr. Ward said all the spaces are currently rented.

He said he felt it was time for someone else to continue the transformation they started in the downtown area.

“We’re looking for either younger investors or to sell it. I’m going to be 80 in another month. So I think it’s time for somebody else. Most of my crew have gotten older. Two or three older crew are the ones that really want to get out and sell. I had stated to them that I might be interested in staying in if necessary for a new group,” he said. “We’ve had great success in creating a viable Main Street, but all of us think it’s time to attract new owners who will take what we’ve done to the next level.”

Karen St. Hilaire has been part of the effort to rebuild the downtown area. Among the initiatives she was involved with was the establishment of a branch of the Massena Public Library, the Badenhausen Library.

“This project began in 2005 by John And Maureen Ward. There are several of us who have worked to make the Main Street viable and it is an example of how a community can come together and grow,” she said in a Facebook posting.

For more information about the investment opportunity, contact Mr. Ward at 315-389-5993 or 315-296-4575.

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