Stefanik campaign launches attack


Representative Elise Stefanik, R- Schuylerville, has been endorsed for re-election by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

In a press release issued on Monday, the NFIB New York state director Greg Biryla said that Rep. Stefanik has proven herself to be an ally of small businesses in the state.

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(12) comments


Look at losers backing trumps lap dancer,ignorance,hate,and racism,hope you don't have kids


Elise is no friend to NY21. She's a full-on Trump Puppet. Ask her about healthcare votes. Ask her about tax breaks for the wealthy. Ask her about racist statements by Trump? Ask her about masks? Ask her about the Trump delay on COVID. I can bet she responds with canned comments for each. Ask her about her name-calling and insults towards constituents. Ask her why she thinks the young people of NY21 don't matter. Ask her about Student Loans Forgiveness. Ask her about funding states. Ask her about her refusal to follow CDC Guidelines. Ask her about Military members being bashed by Trump. Ask her the military member who was pardoned by Trump. Ask her about the environment and clean water. Seriously...she is working for herself and a leader who doesn't even know her name. Let's send her packing. Afterall, she never lived or worked in this district.


Not to engage in the above conversation but Elise as usual is a bit ahead of the curve. I would love for her to run for governor!


Way to go Airball—-I agree or better yet Senator in Washington




She posted a picture last night at the hate rally wearing a mask,but when she got a shout out from Agolf Twitter she was standing,applauding herr dear leader,MASKLESS thats no leader,thats a loser


Step out of the spin zone, it's making you dizzy and you might want to break out the tissue while your at it. You’re going to need it in Nov...


IGNORANCE Rambo turn off fox,loser


Go back under your rock Mr Truth.

You go girl—-doing a great job for us in the North and for the whole country.


Sucking up to Putin, Comrade?


Why did she vote last week to block who got payroll protection money,whats she hiding.You need to print every business that got money and if she took campaign contributions from any of them,voters deserve the truth


How many of these businesses got money from the payroll protection plan?how much money did her parents lumber company get.Lets face it she sells herself at the cost of her constituents,she's just like her man agolf twittler

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