Stefanik campaign launches attack


Congresswoman Elise M. Stefanik, R- Schuylerville, was included in a White House briefing Monday regarding the recent allegations that Russian operatives offered cash bounties to the Taliban for killing coalition forces, including Americans, in Afghanistan.

In a story first reported by The New York Times on Friday, it was revealed that the GRU, a Russian intelligence agency, had been offering cash rewards as recently as last year to Taliban-linked forces for every confirmed kill of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

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hermit thrush

new reporting today reveals that the white house and national security council officials first learned of intelligence on the russian bounties on our soldiers in early 2019. it has been well over a year and trump has done nothing.

if republicans actually support our troops, now is as good a time as any to start showing it.


Hmmm, the next Schiff scam. Trump ignoring bounties on American troops and another phony whistleblower, anonymous and unverified of course.... Yep, here come the Russians. Must be an election coming up??

hermit thrush

it is kind of impressive to pack so much nonsense into so few words.


Scam? You must mean by Trump and the Gang Of Perverts who cover for his crimes.

NOT "anonymous" and NOT "unverified", Comrade "Holmes". There is evidence that TRUMP was informed in February 2020 and had been warned repeatedly earlier. The definition in the US Constitution of treason is "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. ". Covering up the murder of American soldiers by a clandestine enemy would certainly meet the requirements of treason. It's disgusting that you would lie for a traitor to the United States. What is your motive, Comrade?


Still waiting for your response, COMRADE. Putin got your tongue?


stefanik has spit in the faces of the military but at least she made a good showing at Fort Drum with the idiot in chief.


If Trump is told something during one of these official briefings but was not paying attention and so does not act, he is grievously negligent in his responsibilities. If he was aware of the information and did nothing he has betrayed his responsibilities as commander in chief.



Holmes -- the real one

“A new Republican star is born,” Trump tweeted approvingly.

So, will NNY360 keep up its support for our little traitor congresswoman?

Will the local Trump supporters continue to have fainting spells over saying that Little Miss Stefanik is suing the Constitution as bathroom tissue. Shall we have yet anothe editorial about how Stefanik "supports" Ft. Drum? Funny thing, soldiers don't see it that way.

A moderate congresswoman went all-in for Trump. Her constituents think they know why.

Stefanik included in White House briefing on Russian bounties levied against NATO troops

Congress Unites To Demand Answers From Trump On Russian Bounties In Afghanistan

From the article:

“White House officials briefed a limited number of House Republicans on Monday.

Cheney; Thornberry; Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah; Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana; Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas; Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York; Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois attended, a White House official said.”

Stefanik briefed on Russian bounty allegations, while Democrats wait for info




NNY is deep red! There is no such thing as a ‘moderate Republican’ in today’s age.... You referenced all far left media sources, what do you expect them to say? Stefanik +14.


You misspelled "Republicans have the blood of American soldiers on their hands", Comrade "Holmes". Expect of "left media"? I expect they won't lie like servile Republican cowards and their propagandists. NY-21 supports US soldiers, not their murderers, Comrade "Holmes". They are honest patriots, not profiteers. IMNSHO.

Holmes -- the real one

You can simplify the fake "Holmes" comment thus:

Lie, lie. squirrel, lie, false accusation, squirrel, flying squirrel, lie, projection , lie squirrel.

The "job" of this kind of troll is to foment division posing as one of the caricature of a right wing teabag nutcase. In most cases, they are recompensed for how many reply comments they receive. The goal is to further divide Americans using the old (but still very effective) tactic of 'divide and conquer.'

Holmes -- the real one

The intelligence that assessed there was an effort by a Russian military intelligence unit to pay the Taliban to kill US soldiers was included in one of President Trump’s daily briefings on intelligence matters sometime in the spring, CNN reports.

Trump is not known to fully or regularly read the President’s Daily Brief, something that is well-known within the White House.


Acting on unverified intelligence is a notoriously stupid thing to do, right up Trump's and Steph's alleys.

The CIA vets its intel in a double fashion, one group studies the concept the act happened. the other group studies the evidence it did not. Both views are then vetted for accuracy, and the most verified wins.

Disgruntled employees contact the NYTimes, and should be fired.


Gee, a real CIA expert right here in NNY!

Crackpot or crack pipe? You guess.

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