Lewis, south Jefferson phone service 75% restored

LOWVILLE — While some key facilities have had their phone service restored, others, along with many residents, have not.

According to Lewis County General Hospital Director of Public Relations Christina Flint, telephone service returned to the facility intermittently Thursday afternoon, but is now stable and fully operational.

Lowville Academy and Central School’s telecommunications are also up and running but Beaver River Central School is still without their regular service.

The school has, however, set up two temporary numbers, according to their Facebook page, for parents to reach the school in case of emergencies and for “transportation and bussing concerns.”

The temporary emergency number is 315-346-1146.

“Please note that this is a single phone line and, similar to a home phone, it will ring busy if it is in use,” the post says, “Parents are encouraged to use email if at all possible.”

The number for transportation issues is 315-544-0535. It is enabled to take voice mail messages, however, because of the call volume, not all calls will be immediately returned.

Likewise, the county court system has been provided with temporary IP phones by Eric J. Driscoll of the 5th Judicial District according to Lewis County Court Clerk Deborah W. Earl.

The numbers are:

- County Courthouse Security 315-207-7583

- Supreme and County Court 315-207-7580

- Family Court 315-207-7581

- Juror response 315-207-7582

Frontier’s Vice President of Communications Javier Menodza said that more areas are in the process of being restored and a full update is forthcoming.

LOWVILLE — Frontier Communications customers throughout a large swath of Lewis and southern Jefferson counties are still without phone service resulting from what is believed to be a lightning strike to the company’s microwave tower on Wednesday morning.

Along with the greater Lowville area, Croghan, Brantingham, Chase Lake, Lyons Falls, Stillwater, New Bremen, Petries Corners, Sears Pond, Adams and other areas are without phone service.

Specifically, Lewis County offices, Lewis County General Hospital, Beaver River Health Center, Lowville Academy and Central School, Beaver River Central School and many residents are impacted by the outage.

According to Frontier’s Vice President of Communications, Javier Mendoza, the company has brought in additional technicians who are working around the clock with the telecommunication equipment manufacturers to fix the problem as soon as possible, although the repairs are likely to take about two more days.

Despite the ground-fault protection on Frontier’s facilities, Mr. Mendoza said the lightning impacted the system “in unusual ways” that were “unpredictable and beyond control.”

As a work-around until the problem is solved, hospital spokesperson Christina Flint said anyone wishing to reach the hospital, nursing home or the health centers in Beaver River or Harrisville between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. should call the clinic at South Lewis High School at 315-348-8407.

For all calls after 5 p.m., Mrs. Flint recommended calling 315-836-5711.

Because the internal switchboard at the hospital is working, South Lewis personnel are able to forward callers to the right department, Mrs. Flint said.

There has been no interruption to 911 service.

Mr. Mendoza said the lightning had no impact on Frontier’s internet services.

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