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Were you affected by Spectrum’s internet and cable outage stretching from upstate New York to New England?

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Many Spectrum customers Saturday in northern New York were experiencing service issues with their internet and TV.

As of 5 p.m. Saturday, the services were restored, according to Charter Communications’ Lara Pritchard, senior director, communications NE.

The company became aware of the issue around 1 p.m. Saturday after nearly 12,000 problems with TV or internet were reported about Spectrum.

“We are aware of service issues in Upstate New York, Maine and New Hampshire at this time,” Spectrum’s support team said in a tweet Saturday. “We are investigating and working to resolve the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.”

In a second tweet, Spectrum said services within its entire northeast region are currently impacted by fiber optic damage, and that crews are making repairs to restore service as soon as possible.

“We’ve experienced a damaged fiber in our network, crews are on scene, assessing the latest damage,” said Lara Pritchard, senior director, communications NE for Charter Communications, in an email Saturday afternoon.

Icy storms have been moving across the northeast, the email also stated. “On Friday afternoon, multiple damaged fiber affected our network redundancy, thus causing the loss of some services to customers. It’s been difficult, gaining access to the area for repairs, until power and storm related damage have been cleared.”

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(7) comments

Barbara Vars

For those of us unfortunate enough to have land line service with

spectrum, that was also out.


WRONG. Service is still down for thousands of users in CNY because we are spectrum and we don’t care.

Lisa H

I unplugged the cable box for a minute, and I got my cable back.


Mine was down from about 1 until just now.


The company became aware of the issue after 12,000 problems were reported? Really? It took 12,000 reports of problems for Spectrum to become aware? Clueless.


Well, it is a saturday

Jeff Graham

Wait till people go shopping or out to dinner and Internet based credit card processors don't work.

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